Hey bruce.. how's it going? It's been years (literally) since I visited love-scent or the

forum. Looks like things are going well . Long story short.. I've made a few websites and started raking

in revenue, and have learned the in's and outs of targeted advertising.

For some reason your site popped into

my head, and I became a affiliate . I laughed when I saw the banner "Banner Name: 1 Tiger Love" it brought back

so many pleasent memories. That was the same banner I clicked so many years ago, which brought me to this site.

Soon i'll be happily married, all thanks to your fine products (it's a long story ).

Anyways... I was

wondering if you would like me to make some flash advertisement banners for you. I won't charge.. just a big thank

you gift from me to you?

Cheers .