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    Exclamation Newbie: Just got and tried Alter - Ego

    Hi all.

    I just tried AE yesterday for the 1st time.

    Here's my experience so far:
    First let me say I have

    been using a product called Pherlure for about 4-5 weeks ( sorry If I am mentioning another product that this forum

    doesn't sell but I think it is important here) I have had good luck with the pherlure as far as hits go regarding

    woman being extremely friendly and getting close, but nothing real sexual in nature.

    So, I decided to try AE to

    hopefully kick it up a notch. I used pherlure in the morning as I usually do and was getting the same good responses

    I have experienced before.

    Later that afternoon (about 5-6 hrs. after the other mone dose) I put on AE. 3

    drops total
    = 1 drop on my wrists and rubbed my wrists together. I put 1 drop on my finger and put

    in behind my right ear and neck area - and did the same for my left ear.

    The scent was strong, so I

    gave it time to settle down and I went Into the college I am going to and always get hit's from all ages ( I am 48

    yrs. old by the way ) and it was like I was invisible. Not even hardly a glance even from woman I normally have

    great results with.

    Any Ideas of why this may be?

    Thanx in advance

    P.S> I put on my old stand by today and

    it went well. I am heading out tonight and want to give AE another chance so any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanx again

    John M.

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    It could be it's just not a

    good mix for you. It could be that you were overly anxious in trying something different.

    You should try a few

    more times and see what happens. If you notice a consistent drop in hits, then you know it's not a product for


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    this is rémy from paris. im 33

    years. i bought ae two month ago and here my opinion. for me, alteraego is very sexy very hot when im close to my

    girlfreind. each time i wear ae (just one drop), she s really crazy when she smells me. so on this point, ae is

    really really efficient. i suppose phero is really good when you are very very close (room, car, bed,

    pub..)..depends of the distance or may be the mix...sometimes i mix with npa...1-3 to increase the sexy vibe ... my

    next mission : buy the famous soe and try the famous DD1 mix....
    -France - Paris

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