Man this

weekend was really something. I just got (great job to bruce & tammie on rectifying shipping issures) my TE Heat

and decided to use it on saturday during a brunch I was catering. Nothing too much was going on until a woman whom

I've met before made a point to stop eating and come and say hello to me after I came from the kitchen. Hit... who

knows but having a nice 38 y/o Milf come up to you and speak while she's ignoring all other men makes you feel


Saturday night after showering a re-applying more TE, picked my girl and we went to my parents for

Easter dinner. From there we went to the movie. Right when we sit down she becomes affixed to my neck, and

sniffing deeply over and over. Needless to say we never finished the movie, and went back to my place.


waking up from the nite of passion, I go to my g/f's house to go with her family to church, dinner in canada

(refreshed with a TE gel pack in the bathroom) with friends, and as we're filling up the gas tank so we can head

home she causually asks (with a schoolgirl oveture) "May I give you some head when we get back to my

house"........Of course as any man would I said yes. And what a job it was LOL Later on that nite one of my artist

came by with his g/f (who was very very attractive), and she was hanging on every word and jokingly sat in my lap in

front of him (he didn't bat an eye either hahaha). She even attempted to give me her number so all of us could go part is she was doing all this in front of him with knowledge that I have a woman (whom I love very

much, I have the ring in layaway :-))

Today (Monday) I got compliments on a haircut that didn't exist

LMFAO. Got a DHIL from my boss and some hard nipples from an employee.

All days applications were 4 dabs (1

behind each ear, 1 on the adams apple, and 1 on the back of the neck)

Anyways thanks for the space and