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    Default suitability of NPA for very tall people

    Hello Forum Members, I will make it as short as possible. I hav been sampling the NPA + SOE so far with

    no results and was wondering why. I am 19 (soon to be 20), black, very tall (6'3 - 6'4) and very good looking with

    a great personality. I am able to attract females without pheros (and some times women start conversations with me

    even without pheros and even without trying) but i am seeking more reactions. I think SOE is good for me (and has

    worked so far) but I doubt the NPA. SInce I am already quite tall (which is alpha), maybe the NPA is giving off too

    much of a none vibe, hence it not working- or am i wrong? I have tried from 1dab up to 5 dabs but nothing so far.

    My question is, how many dabs of NPA in your opinion do you recommend that people like me wear.

    Any inputs

    would be greatly appreciated and highly valued.


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    Being tall is often associated

    with being alpha but it is not the same thing at all. Alpha is a personality trait or a set of traits and most

    people have at least some of those traits but not others.

    You're young, NPA contains a lot of -none, which you

    probably produce in quantity yourself. Adding more is probably pointless, as indicated by the failure to produce

    results with it. You are best to work with the non-none products if you want results.
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    yes belgareth i m agree with you,

    you know i dont think i have the alpha face is fine and a little i have a lot success with a

    lot of girls complementary to me with a form of masculinity personnality (artist, social...)..but with the time, i

    have learnt to have the alpha attitud (belief, body language,) thanks ross jeffries, mysterie ..great pick up artist

    !! for me the best phero of the word : its the belief!
    -France - Paris

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    Ethnicity and age play a big in

    what products work and which don't. For your particular profile, I would speculate that none products would cause

    you to OD.

    Being tall also tends to intimidate people.... in which case you would want to shy away from none

    based products and focus on softer, and friendly products to get people to open up to you. SOE is a great choice.

    I'd also recommend WAGG and A1.

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