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    Lightbulb MONES & The Feline Orgasm


    I've been reading here on the forum, every once and again, I have read where someone's

    lover/wife/girlfriend/FB/FWB seem to just fall out after their orgasm when mones are involved. Has anyone been

    paying attention to what happens after she blows?

    Ladies, you too ... Do you feel more exausted since

    you've been tingering with mones after you've experienced that mouth opening-electrifying-nectar spitting body


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    I've posted about this in the

    past, and try to avoid it now. It really wasted me and didn't actually feel good, so I try to find a balance that

    enhances arousal and orgasm for both parties but doesn't drain me of ALL my vital juices! It kind of reminds of

    the Samson and Delilah story ... in reverse. After that type of exhausting orgasm I just feel blah, almost like

    having a mild flu. This is not an "afterglow" as one person suggested. Afterglow is pleasurable, relaxing,


    As far as I can tell, I'd attribute this phenomenon to a cops OD.

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