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    Question Nol Overdose possible?

    Hi All.

    away from the scene for a while and was wondering if you guys reckon its possible to OD on Nol or not?

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    Yea headache, and youll seem like

    a puss if you dont counter it with -none.

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    I also think that you will

    seem weak and less alpha.

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    Default You don't seem like a whuss but you might get some...

    My experience with extreme amounts of 'nol, e.g., a couple SOE gelpacks was actually very

    good. Women were almost overwhelmingly attentive but suffered from killer motormouth, spilling personal stuff

    they'd never normally admit to a stranger. There was absolutely no whuss or "let's be girl friends" syndrome.

    Zippo. Just massive airhead, super friendly and let's get nasty here's my number.

    I've also tried massive

    SOE and NPA dosages and got a similar effect but with a twist. Many girls were so befuddled at first they were

    unable to speak. As they got more comfortable the motormouth kicked in but with even less control of utterances and

    action. I had an Asian student get so confused she fell down in my office, landing face first on a couch. She nearly

    went into shock, sat on the floor and rambled on about anything and everything. After a few minutes she said she was

    tired and wanted to rest on the couch. I said sure and started working on the Mac and, a few minutes later, she

    said, "please eat me." Not being a prude I dropped to my knees and tugged at her jeans. As if awaking from a drunken

    stupor, she jumped up, mumbled something and bolted for the door.

    I assume she freaked that she actually

    spoke a thought meant to be unspoken. A couple hours later she called and masturbated on the phone. The next day she

    wore special undies and repeated her request. This time she didn't bolt.

    Incidentally, I knew she had a

    thing for me for as she visited me in my office nearly everyday for a month. I don't believe the 'mones caused her

    behavior. She wanted to do it. The 'mones merely helped her bring her desires to the fore.
    "I'm just a dirty hornytoad" -Gegogi

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    lol Great story tho. Maybe

    I'll OD on nol and see what I get...

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