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    Default Scented Chikara vs Unscented

    Has anyone noticed any difference in the scented and unscented versions of Chikara? I've been a fan of

    Chikara since it's introduction but due to having so many colognes to chose from, had set the scented version aside

    in favor of the unscented.

    Today, I did my usual work application of 1 to 4 drops of A324 (2 drops today),

    mixed into unscented skin lotion and applied to my face after shaving, with the remainder spread over my arms and

    chest. I had been following that with 1 to 2 sprays of unscented Chikara and covering with a cologne. As I was

    reaching for the Chikara, I realized that I haven't used the final release, scented version since I got the

    unscented. So I opted for that instead of using cologne.

    First of all, I had forgotten how much I like the

    scent, though I know there are users here that don't care for it at all. Secondly, it just seems more potent to me.

    I have the feeling I was getting when using the scented version regularly and people seem more chatty today than

    they are when I wear the unscented version.

    I assume the formulation is the same between the scented and

    unscented versions, so the only thing I can think of attributing the difference to is that the scented Chikara seems

    to have a bigger spray volume than the unscented bottle does. Has anyone who has both versions seen a similar

    difference in effectiveness?

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    Perhaps scented chikara

    smells so freaking good it is helping you get hits. I have never encountered a cologne that I thought smelled

    better. I would wear it even if it had nothing extra in it and so far it seems that way for me. I've only been

    using it for 2 weeks but it doesn't seem to do much. I had better luck with perception packets so far but, am

    unwilling to give up on chikara because i like the scent so much.

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    Ive heard a few people say that

    someone has said/they think that it smells bad some say it smells good.
    On the website scented chikara has more

    reviews than unscented.
    I am about to buy some because of its high ratings but I cant deicide because from what I

    see they both have diffrent possible advantages.
    What do you guys use?
    -Rub her feet?

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    i gave in and just bought

    scented chikara last night because i love the smell

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    I am getting C7 myself and I

    am hearing it smells so good, but at the same time people always combine it with things and any time you do this a

    cover must be worn. So I am def. wondering what is better also.

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    I wish unscented was available

    when I bought it. I don't care for the scent at all: too sweet and floral, reminding me of cheap body spray. It

    also needs a happy helping of 'none to tickle my pickle.
    "I'm just a dirty hornytoad" -Gegogi

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