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    Default Been reading David D's book...

    "Attraction Isn't a Choice", and I'm quite surprised by it. I expected something that would make me think the

    man is a sexist, or a lackwit, or an a$$... but instead, I found myself reading a book my best friend could have


    Not only was it very interesting and well written (I'm not quite finished with it) but it's stuff I

    have seen my best friend do countless times, and he's about as successful with women as they get. I just never put

    two and two together and saw what he was doing. (He's what Dave calls a 'natural'.)

    I have really enjoyed

    reading the psychological, evolutionary and sociological theories behind his ideas, too. Very insightful.


    not sure I can put all this into effect... not sure I want to... but I did try a couple of things he suggests,

    today. First, I chose to spend the day moving like James Bond would - slow, deliberate, always calm, always in

    control. And second, I tried the eye contact thing. (I have read about that before, but never tried it


    Wow! I was getting many times the amount of attention from women than I usually do today, and it was

    all while standing right beside my girlfriend! No matter where I went, I got this blatantly interested attention

    response from at least one female, whether she was a girl or a woman.

    I had a lot of fun playing "Who's

    dominant" with a fairly attractive young woman who must have been six nd a half feet tall, to my five foot eight.

    What really astounded me was that I responded so naturally to her challenge, and ended up getting a lot of respect

    body language from her before I walked out of sight.

    These two things, so simple... but wow. What a


    I should also probably mention that I was wearing about 3" of SOE on each cheek with a single spray

    of Pherlure to the neck.

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    These are things I have been

    doing most of my life and yes...they do work.Making eye contact with women and not behaving like your on your way to

    a fire tends to attract more attention.One element to remember though is that if you are standing with your

    girlfriend you are going to get more attention.Women who see a man WITH a woman tend to be more interested in him

    because he is "pre approved" for credit.A man with a woman has one because he has something to offer.She doenst have

    to establish that,she just has to establish exactly WHAT you have to offer.

    I am by no means a great looking

    guy.I am not ugly,but Im no Brad whats-his-name.I am short and somewhat overweight.When I am alone,women generaly

    dont feel threatend by me and as a result I can behave somewhat aggresively in relation to persuing them and not get

    a negative reaction.But when my ex-girlfriend and I were out,women would hit on me I was pre approved for

    a no hastle line of credit in thier eyes.I would even get phone numbers while she wasnt looking.

    The only thing

    I can reccomend to anyone is to establish for yourself who you are and be true to it.Dating and running around

    getting laid realy arent that hard.But developing a serious relationship founded on honesty and openess require that

    you be comfortable in your own skin.I dont realy have a problem with all these "double your dating" things...I just

    hope that while people practice it,they arent ultimately being untrue to who they realy are inside.

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