I was in the drug

store yesterday and at the time I completely forgot that I was wearing a SOE + beta-nol combo. I just gave myself a

light spray of a 4:1 mixture of Rochas:beta-nol and a few dabs of SOE on my neck and jaw hours earlier.


maybe maybe this has nothing at all to do with what I was wearing, but it was still interesting. I was in the store

to get some passport photos taken. The woman taking my photos was an average looking woman in her twenties. After

taking my photo, she started asking me numerous questions and looking at me with intense interest. Even when

another customer came and she was helping him, she continued to talk to me. Then she acted as if she wanted me to

ask her something (leaning into the counter towards me with her arm spread apart). When I said I have to go, she

said she'll see me later as if she really meant it.

Perhaps this experience has nothing to do with the mones

she may have detected on me, but I think the way I felt may have projected to the way I carried myself and hence

made me more appealing. Or perhaps it was neither. I think however that there were too many experiences I've had

wearing pheromones to simply call them coincidences. I've read a little bit of self-help/pop psychology and one of

the common themes is that the way you feel and think is the way you look. Different pheromones tend to make me feel

different ways for example:
  • SOE makes me feel sociable and caring
  • Beta-nol makes me feel

    sophisticated and calm
  • A1 makes me feel contemplative and emotional
  • Androstenone makes me feel dominant, if

    not aggressive
  • Chikara makes me feel calm, confident and sexy
  • PCC makes me feel sexy and

  • Pheromol Facter makes me fee outgoing and socialble
I've been wearing pheromones for a little

over a year now and they definately affect the way I feel. As for them affecting others, maybe they do but there is

no way of knowing for certain. The notion that pheromones are just snake oil is simply a bunch of crap, they are

well worth their price as many on this board will attest to.