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Thread: NPA and Chikara

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    Default NPA and Chikara

    So I've just ordered the

    NPA and Chikara combo ( ) and was hoping for some suggestions as to what kind of ratios to mix them


    As well as how long they last (i.e. can I apply it to myself in the morning and have it last throughout

    the day) and how to mix them.


    I love you guys...

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    Of course you should start by using

    Chikara by itself for a while, starting at about 1 spray and slowly going up.

    You could try NPA by itself with

    a bit of cologne cover to see how that goes over.

    Then, after you have a handle on the products by themselves,

    start doing combos. I've had "decent" results with Chikara alone. No bone-jumping yet with anything though.


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    The directions on love-scent


    Directions: Put a couple of drops of NPA on your wrist and cover with 2 sprays of Chikara; rub

    your wrists together and you are good to go.

    If you must jump the gun and start mixing, I'd start there.

    The method Rbt mentioned would be the best way to go though. Knowing how much of each product works best

    (particularly NPA) with your personal signiature is not only beneficial to using the NPA+Chikara mix, it'll give

    you a better idea of how to approach other mixes as well.

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    Sounds good.

    I don't

    generally use cologne (that's why I got Chikara; kill two birds with one stone), so I'll try the Ch- and add some

    NPA later.

    What about the sample gel packs I got with them? I have the usual bunch and about ten gel packs

    of Perception I got a while back. Any of those to include in upcoming combos?

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    Try them all individually to see

    what kind of reactions they bring about. Once you have a good idea of what each product does and how much to wear to

    optimize those effects, you'll be better equipped to tailor your mixes to match the types of reactions you want.

    For intance, I know that A1 makes women more open to flirt (a characteristic of A1 that seems more isolated to my

    experiences), SOE puts makes people more sociable and chatty, while NPA gives the sexual punch. Therefore if I'm

    out at a club with friends and what not, I wear those three together. WAGG seems to open people up more intimately,

    A314 induces trust, while NPA gives the sexual punch, so I'll likely use this in a dating situation (once the

    opportunity presents itself...i just recently got WAGG).

    So yeah find out what kind of results you see with each

    of the gel packs, if you really like some, definately purchase them. And use your own experience to build better

    mixes for yourself.

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