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    Thumbs down Sans Tight Product Review

    Hi from

    traderneil in Las Vegas....I would like to report the following review on Sans Tight after a sixty day period.

    Sans which is short for Serious Minded Athlete sells a product they say is top rated for "Burning Stubborn Adipose

    Tissue" (burning body fat). After 60 days of use I cannot find any redeeming values in it.

    I did not experience

    any of the claims they made in their advertising. I used it by itself, as well as with other energy Fat burners

    which did work but the Sans Tight itself did nothing.

    The label calls for only one cap per day,(60 caps for

    $30.) which makes it cost effective but in my case it just was not product effective.

    I would not rate this

    product as a buy,you can spend your $30 on more effective products...My rating SAVE YOUR MONEY........traderneil Las


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    Red face That is unusual



    got more than 50 customers on the product who are doing very well working toward their weight loss goals on Tight

    (and some also use Blaze). Perhaps, your adrenals are burnt out, in which case it would make perfect sense.


    why didn't you increase your daily intake to 2 caps as also suggested on the label (it may have made a


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