Hi: from Las Vegas; I started using some new formulas and I wanted to pass on the information to those

of you who use protein powder at the gym or home.

Walmart has started to carry a product line called SIX

Star,this product line is very similiar in contents to the protein powders that cost quite a bit more. This product

mixes very well,tastes great,and doesn't lump or stick together after an hour or so. I use it when I go to the gym

during and after the workout in place of water,I have great recovery,and no cramping,or hunger pangs. All the

girls(and some of the guys) say my drink mix looks great and want to know whats in it. I never offer them a taste

because they may not give it back to me.

My Formula= I scoop Vanilla Six Star Advanced Whey Protein,1 teaspoon

Creatine ( Hi Power) 1 packet of Emergen C Powder( Heart health Cherry flavored)

In a 32 oz bottle I mix 1

bottle of slim delite (Sams Club (50 cents each) whatever flavor I have and the rest of the above ingredients, than

I fill the container with ice shake it and go. It lasts about three hours and Im getting continual recovery for the

whole time .It actually costs me less to make this mix than to buy a bottle of spring water at the gym for $1.50

I would rate the six star line with the best and most expensive proteins that I have tried.I have also started

using their Nitric Oxide Stimulator,which I will give my impressions on in the next post.

Six STAR Advanced Whey

Protein $16.00 at Walmarts Van or Choc. Happy Training traderneil Las Vegas