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    Default New idea on how to wear pheromones

    Hey everyone, recently I've came up with a new idea about wearing pheromones that I just happened to come up with

    when I saw one of my friends necklace. I seached for some info, got a little but not much. I think it would be a

    good idea to bring this up because this could be quite effective and not have the trouble of smell staining clothes

    and such.
    I saw my friends necklace, it's quite small... it's like a tiny container with holes. I came up with

    the idea that if it's possible to use small pieces of cloth and dab 'mones on it, then put it in the necklace.

    THis way there's no worries about staining clothes, just throw the cloth out and use a new one. Plus you can just

    wash the necklace if the smell stays on the necklace since it's made of metal.
    I saw a little bit of info on this,

    something called "Pendant Diffuser necklaces" I wonder if anyone wants to try this since I believe this will be

    quite effective, unlike applying on belts they don't stay when u don't want them to, and they last a long time

    since the 'mones are soaked in cloth.
    Any ideas anyone? I'm deciding to buy one and try it, just google Pendant

    Diffuser Necklaces and there's a few products.

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    a while ago on the forum

    somebody was talking about such a diffuser necklace available somewhere online. was like a pendant that had some

    kind of pad in it. apply the mones to the pad and it would eminate from the necklace for quite sometime. thats all i


    others have applied to leather necklaces watchbands etc. anything you wear that would absorb the mones

    woud potentially work

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    been there done that the

    pheronecklace was discussed around somewhere - think a cloth one would work well

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