Well, I highly doubt I will post on this every day, but just when I have new observations: First, my plan: I will

use 3 sprays C7, neck area, and 6 inches SOE on inside of both arms. Cover will be 2 sprays of Gucci Pour Homme on

wrists, also rubbed on back of neck, and 1 full spray on front of neck.

Today, no real hits to write about.

Wife's behavior at home: very tired, and whiny, but in a non-bitchy way. MASSIVE cravings for chocolate. She kept

telling me, half-kidding, to go get her some, which of course, is why she didn't get it. Had she ASKED, peanut

M&M's would have been hers to enjoy.

Not really sure if the 'mones had anything to do with the cravings or not

- certainly, they were there beforehand - here's probably the only interesting part.... she is ovulating (she told

me this). Normally, as with most women, the choco cravings come during PMS, not mid-cycle. One day does not a sample

make, but I will keep an eye on this.

Oh, and a comment about a hot guy on the TV - which is very out of

character for her. When I asked about it, she replied that she can notice a "good piece of eye candy" every now and

then. Probably a mild proximity hit, given the unusual nature of it for her. Interesting how it didn't get

connected to me, even though I was the only guy around. As I said, she was quite tired, (and very sore, from working

out - as well as "working out" )so any sex was a no-go tonight anyway. Interesting how their mind will

conveniently mold to the situation, until it matches up the inner reality they want to create.

Plus, she told

me where she is in the cycle, which I had mentioned elsewhere today, is something I want to track this time around.

So, now I know where we're starting from.