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    Default has anyone mixed mens and womens realm

    has anyone mixed mens and womens realm together ? what were the results ?

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    I have. It smelled terrible. The

    women's version is really sweet and vanilla like. Very unflattering for a man. Just add A-1 to men's realm if you

    want the effect of women's realm. Incidentally, men's realm smells much nicer with a little clove and cedar EO.
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    Thanks to a fellow forum member

    I've had a chance to sample Women's Realm, and as Gegogi says, it's *really* sweet, and fairly intense. A little

    too "feminine," although it *might* work in combo with some other scents. You'd have to experiment.

    If you are

    primarily after the A1 component, it's probably far better to buy the straight A1 stuff (half or full strength). I

    just bought the Pheromax recently as I'm too lazy to mix my own at the moment. It's one of the only other products

    out there I know of that is known to contain A1.
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