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    I'm not sure I'm getting mine on a

    weekly basis either... I did have to re-sign up on home page after the "update," and have gotten some since then.

    More growing pains?
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    I got 2 newsletters this past

    Wednesday September 28. One was from a return address of "news @" and the other was from "support @" (I put spaces in there to discourage mechanized spamming.) The last newsletters I received prior to

    these were on Sept. 8.

    If anyone who wants to get these emails DIDN'T receive them, here's what I'd


    Log in to your

    account on the Love-Scent store site.

    Click on the "Subscribe/Unsubscribe" line on the "My Account" page.

    you're subscribed and you didn't get a newsletter on 9/28/05, then the problem is probably with your email


    Check if your email page has a "Spam", "Junk", or "Bulk" folder.
    If the most recent Love-Scent email

    is in there, it might be as easy as opening the email and clicking a "Not Junk" button to get your account to allow

    future mailings from Love-Scent.
    But it might not be that easy. Whether or not the missing newsletter is stuck in a

    junk folder, you may have to go to the "Options" or "Preferences" page of your email account and specifically

    "allow", "permit", or "mark as safe" those domains from which you want to receive emails.
    While you're at it I'd

    suggest allowing the domain "" In the event you ever have an email exchange with Tammy at the

    warehouse, "mountwest" is the domain she's most likely to reply on.


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