Okay folks, I'm at it again with another idea for a thread.

I've noticed a number of

people have asked questions about just what the heck some of the "scented" products sold at LS smell like. Some have

even indicated a hesitancy to order an item for fear they'll hate it. Yes, there is the LS return guarantee, but

why go through it if you don't have to (and I have a hunch LS wouldn't mind NOT having to deal with products that

are returned simply because someone doesn't like the scent).

So here's the idea: please post a message based on

your own opinions of what the various scented LS products smell like compared to commercially available colognes,

perfumes, or fragrances. You can list more than one similar scented product per pheromone product.

I'm figuring

this will have a couple of purposes (at least):

A) allowing those who have not tried a scented product to be

able to run out to a local store and check the oftentimes available testers to get an idea of the pheromone

product's cover scent or matching it to a scented product they already use.

B) by checking other user's lists,

you can also get a feel for the entire "family" of scent comparable fragrances. Say if you LOVE a certain Creed

scent, but can't afford the bucks, someone may have listed a cheaper or more readily available product as having a

similar scent.

One thing I'm thinking of in terms of knowing comparable scents is the ability to just wear

that scent *without* pheromones for those times pheromones may not be desired or appropriate. In this way you can

still keep your "signature" fragrance scent. Or you can "renew" a cover scent during the day without the danger of

ODing on the pheromones (or sneak in a application of the pheromone product if you want to heat things up sometime

during the day). And of course, you can perhaps do some experimenting with various mixes using other "unscented"

pheromone products without changing your base "signature" daily fragrance.


Chikara = AXE Kilo body

wash [I really haven't done a full test on this example, after all it's just an example of the format I'm

thinking of.]

Let's see what happens...