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    Question What 'mones would be good for conventions and trade shows?

    Okay, here I go again. I'm going to turn things around and approach this discussion thread

    from a reverse angle. Instead of starting with a product (or products) I'm going to start by setting up a

    situation, and see what you others suggest.

    With Spring comes the advent of the convention and trade

    show circuit for me. This of course presents me with a primo opportunity to put 'mones to the test with a bunch of

    new people in a semi-closed environment (and I'll probably not see those people again for at least another year if

    at all). How can I possibly resist such a chance?

    Here's the typical situation: these

    conventions and shows usually span about 3 days (well maybe 2 1/2). About 9 to 10AM till around 3 to 4 PM it's

    seminars and cruising the show floors. From 4PM on it's special presentations and the beginnings of "social hours"

    (although some conventions I've attended are nearly 24 hour/day things, the "after main hours" happenings are as

    much "social" time as "business" time).

    Now, being a red-blooded guy it sure would be nice, to say,

    make some new friends in more than one sense of the term.

    Given that the "effective" life

    of most 'mone products is about 5 hours I figure I'll be re-applying/renewing whatever I'm wearing at least

    twice, which also gives me the opportunity to follow what I would call a multi-stage "escalation" approach. (PS

    Perception is an exception with an 8-12 hour life, but unfortunatley it's not doing a thing for me...).


    thinking maybe starting the day with a decent dose of SOE or maybe WAGG, then as the day wears on and attendies'

    thoughts turn to "evening activities", sneaking in a touch of NPA or the like (or even a completely different

    product). And maybe as night approaches, really spicing it up.

    Now for the selfish side of me, of course I'd

    like it to work for *me*, so bear in mind I'm hovering around 50 y/o (male). (Yes, suggestions for the younger set

    can be included here too..). Attendies at these things can range from 18 to over 60 y/o.

    So put on the thinking

    caps and let's see what develops!

    Of course follow-up field-test reports will be posted. Depending on

    how long it takes me to recover...
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    Too bad Perception doesn't work

    for you. It seems like you'll be spending hours on end at the trade shows. My recommendation is to atleast use the

    staying power of the Pereception matrix to your advantage. Use Perception or the cologne it comes with and apply it

    with another mone that you think works for you. In theory it should make the effects stay longer so you don't have

    to reapply all the time. Try NPA as the mix, it'll release it more slowly so you might not get negative hits. I

    personally have mixed Perception spray with NPA (1 dab) and have seen the effects over a long period of time. The

    NPA seems to be weakened though. I didn't get as many flirts as I did when I wore NPA without Perception.

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