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    Default Success Posts ONLY

    When I first

    sprayed on The Edge I was laying down with my girlfriend. After a couple minutes (2 minutes) she started getting

    frisky.....without me initiating anything. She was noticeably different and more turned on than normal...and she

    agreed. The next day at work we were sitting in the car on break and I had 1 spray of The Edge on my shirt and after

    about a 1/2 hour of sitting there I noticed she was turned on (by her actions), so we started touching/petting and

    what not, and then she told me she was more turned on then how she normally is.

    Please post your successes with

    pheromones, including: what kind of pheromone, where it was sprayed, how much was sprayed, and their reaction.


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    I don't think we have enough hit

    report threads here. We need more of them . These aren't in any special order. The first 2 are from a few

    months ago and the 3rd one happend about about a month ago

    I was walking down the hall after lunch when this

    asian girl i don't really know very well started walking beside me and wrapped her arm around me with her head on

    my shoulders and told her friend that i was her body gaurd. She stayed in that position until i got into the

    classroom and sat down. She boobed me on her way out and said ill talk to you later. Now when i say i didn't really

    know her i mean i really don't know her lol. Only time i had talked to her before that was when I asked to borrow a

    pen about 2 months earlier. I was wearing 1 drop of pi, 1 tiny "dab" of ew, 3 drops of te/w with cool water as


    I went into walgreens to pickup some pictures and while i was standing in line these 2 girls came up

    behind me and at first the brunette said something smelt like piss and then the blonde started sniffing the air and

    said something smelt really good. The blonde kept sniffing the air and said "i think its this guy" and she said she

    really liked it and asked what it was. I was only wearing te/w and soe so i said it was chrome since it has a

    similer smell to soe. She made some small talk and kept touching my arm and im not sure but it looked like pretended

    to "trip" into me. I only used her to practice my flriting since she wasnt really my type (too stuck up/bratty) but

    she did give me her number. I was wearing te/w and soe with no cover.

    I went to a friend's house to help her

    setup some new desk she bought. When she first opend the door she was just normal and said oh hey thanks for coming.

    She asked if i wanted a drink and i said sure so i followed her to the kitchen and while she was reaching to grab a

    cup she just snapped her neck and stared at me. It was a pretty obvious dihl then she thanked me a very cheerful

    thank you and a hug. She said she was going to go change and when she came out i saw that she switched from regular

    jean pants and a shirt to some short workout type shorts and a tank top with no bra. While i was helping her setup

    the desk she was really touchy and would constantly put her hands on my lower back and on my bicep. After we were

    done with the desk she asked if i wanted to stick around and watch a movie with her but i had to go pickup my

    brother from work so i declined. All of a sudden she got an attitude with me and somewhat kicked me out since she

    handed me my coat and opend the door and just "later" as i was leaving. About 3 hours after i left i got a txt

    message from her saying she was really sorry and all that. She's stil pretty flirty with me even when i don't wear

    any mones or anything and since then she has called me 2 or 3 times a week just to talk about whatever. I was

    wearing 3 dabs of wagg, 4 dabs of te/w, 2 dabs of ae/m with aqua di gio as cover.

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    Oh forgot to mention my

    application. For te/npa/ae i always put 1 or 2 drops in my hair along with my gel. Everything else goes on the sides

    of the neck and soe usually goes on my jaw or on the inside of my arms. For pi i take a dab/drop and squish it with

    my other finger. One finger places the dab on the side of my elbow which is facing outward and the other dab goes on

    the other side. Ew goes at the bottom part of my neck or under my chin.

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    hey guys, my hit report. for

    the day.
    i went out to lunch date , i notice my date was giggling lot, after 10 min after getting our food,she had

    a dihl look, at the end of our lunch date i notice her nipples getting aroused threw her shirt. but then it was

    time to go back to work , i did get a french kiss in the parking lot , before returning to work, she wants to go

    clubbing this weekend. it looks pretty good for far.
    i was wearing 1 spray of te & 1 spray of perception covered

    by dolce & gabbana
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    Mmmm search featuer is useful for

    1000s of hit posts and threads.

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    Watcher, he probably just

    wants some new hits, rather than the old ones that have been on the forum for generations. Anyway, here's my hit

    story(latest one, at that) : Was at a business meeting and was wearing two drops of AE/m on my neck, and two dabs

    of NPA, one on my throat and one on the zipper of my pants. This rather attractive co-worker of mine was eyeing me

    throughout the whole presentation and afterwards, as I was leaving, she came up and grabbed my arm from behind. At

    this point, I 'laid on the seduction'. LOL About ten minutes later, we were in my office, door shut, making out.

    I wasn't up for much more. Well, let me rephrase that: I wasn't comfortable with much more, as it was my work

    and I'm not allowed to lock my door. (crabby-ass boss) I'm going to get coffee with her after work, today, and

    plan on wearing the same 'mix'. I'll post results...

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    Hi I have a hit report for

    you. This happened the other day while I was at work in the morning. I have a private office which is very large. My

    fiance came to drop off some paperwork for our upcoming wedding. He grabbed me suddenly and gave me a juicy kiss

    then closed the door and preceded to give me oral sex right there in my office on my desk. There were employee's

    all around but they had no ideal how much fun I was having behind my closed office door. Afterwards he said that he

    didnt know what came over him but he knew that he couldnt wait until later he had to have me right then and there.

    We usually have our fun after a hard days work. I think that maybe because my mones were still fresh and active he

    was caught off guard. My God, it's a good thing I had mouthwash in my desk.

    BTW I was wearing my famous Witches

    Brew mix in which I am very pleased.

    The Countess
    Peace Out

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    wow, famous Witches Brew

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    Oh, let's see. I get lots of

    "hits." The difficult part is figuring out whether the mones did it or not. I used to get hits before mones, too.

    However, these just seem ...stronger I guess is the right word. I believe that a lot of it has to do with the extra

    confidence I get while wearing AE and more recently NPA. I'll try to give a quick rundown, I suppose.


    sure mones helped out with the girl I'm currently seeing. I knew her before I ever had any mones and we had

    actually hooked up before I ever used them. However, since the mones she has gotten considerably more sexual.

    She's responded well to both AE and NPA. There have been numerous times where she's just talked about how she

    can't seem to control herself around me and how I just make her forget about everything else. She also always

    talks about how good I smell, but everyone always said I smelled good even before I got the mones, it just seems

    more common now.

    The rest of my hits have been rather minor and I haven't followed up on any of them because

    I've already got the aforementioned girl. Also, they're a bit clouded most of the time because they usually took

    place at parties in which I was rather inebriated. Let's see, when I first started using AE, I remember walking

    into a frat and just seeing everyone turn and look at me as I came in. Much to the chagrin of the frat members, I

    was surrounded by most of the girls at the house while I was there. of the most random hits was at

    another party as I was leaving. As I was about to go, a girl came into the room I was in and started dancing as she

    was walking to the music. So she started going right towards me like she wanted to dance with me, which isn't

    uncommon, even though we were the only people in the room and nobody else at the party was dancing. So I get close

    and start dancing as I walk by. As she got right in front of me, she just stopped and said "Wow, you smell REALLY

    good." And the look on her face was absolutely priceless. The only way I can describe it is that she gave me the

    look you get when you are amazed by how good something is. For instance, if you take a bite of food and it tastes

    incredible, you look at the people you're with and say "Wow, this is the most amazing thing I've ever tasted."

    That's the only way to describe it, she looked at me like I would have been looking at my friends as I said that.

    However, the funny part was that immediately after she said that and looked at me like that she kind of just

    continued walking. As I was leaving I saw her with a guy I assume was her boyfriend, so that would explain


    The other two I can vaguely remember happened at the bar. A girl next to me as I was waiting to order

    a drink just randomly said to me, "I have to tell you that you have amazing eyes." Also, another night, I saw an

    extremely attractive girl that I had previously had a class with at the bar. I caught her the rest of the night

    looking at me, once I even caught her completely turned around and peeking her head over the back of the booth she

    was sitting in to look at me. Fortunately, I was sober enough to realize that I was way too inebriated to try and

    have a conversation with her then. Other than that, it's hard to tell because I'm a bit of a flirt.


    try to keep a more accurate log in the future and keep posting hits. Feel free to ask any questions.



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    The first time I ever wore

    Pheromax Man (about a month ago) I met a very cute girl who literally begged me for sex. We have been "friends w/

    benefits" ever since. I use a combination of Pheromax and CK Eternity. I have never told her what I wear but she

    often tells me she misses my smell. She even asked me to bring some of my cologne over and spray it in her room so

    she can smell me when I'm not there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dankmaster
    She even asked me

    to bring some of my cologne over and spray it in her room so she can smell me when I'm not

    Don't do it, dude! You'll lose your competitive advantage!
    "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."
    --Benjamin Franklin

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    What Bjf Said!!!

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