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    Talking Super Primal fragrance

    I got one in

    my newbie kit, and at first I could smell the mones, but its been a week and I dont smell them anymore.
    I am sure

    that this is due to useing this so much (altho not every day) but this musk really grew on me, it is now up there

    with my 2 other old favs, Aramis, and the ever clasic Old spice.
    In fact I have mixed some Aramis,about 10 of the

    eye droper from the newbie kit,(filled to 3\4 the vivable part of thr droper)1 and 1\2 of the S.P.F musk, and 2

    dropers of T.E.
    and I kid you not, I have asked women to smell my sent ( under the guise of makeing cologne,wich I

    am, right?)
    and one woman said and I quote " I would fallow that around"
    there's this one LiL'hottie that

    doesnt like me( cause I wanna bang her, and make no excuses about the fact) and she has been finding ways to get

    close to me.

    all hail,,,,well,,, ME oh I

    break me up.... boy,,I need a hobbie

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    Hello. I use Juniper Berry

    SPO. The smell is awesome. I actually use it all the time. Of course as a cover for my mones but also when I'm

    taking a break from the heavy duty mixes I just dab a little on. I think the SPO's are great to have. I've just

    ordered another Juniper because I never want to be without it.

    The Countess
    Peace Out

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    I'm glad you like the musk

    scent. I too ordered the newbie kit, but that scent was way too much for me. When I mixed it - it smelled like a

    mechanic's garage. I like it when it's not strong so I have to stick with only three drops or so with half an

    atomizer filled with TE. As for smelling the mones in the primal oil, you must have a sensitive sense of smell

    because all I can smell is musk. The amount of pheromones in the oil is very minimal as well. I think the musk smell

    is getting weaker than the first time I opened it (I just went to smell it), but it is still more than strong enough

    for me. Maybe the oils just lose their scent quickly. I know pheromones last a long time because I still have AE

    from last year and it is still working as if I just got it. You might want to try different storage techiniques

    described in the pherolibrary.

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