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    Question LOVE SPELLS, opinions?

    I just

    recently began looking on the web for LOVE SPELLS and came across a whole 10+ pages full of psychics and such

    offering these types of services. Depending on what you want, the price rises or falls accordingly. Just curious

    to know if anyone has ever tried any of these services, or just believes them to be another way for someone ELSE to

    make a quick buck..

    I mean, I didn't try and order anything or look into any money back guarentee's.. but

    still, there is this girl that I MUST have and if I can speed up the process (I am already using Chikara =) it would

    be nice.

    Any replies and experiences would be great!


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    I wouldn't put anything past

    any kind of spell from Lueweezeeanna, home of voodoo & yoohoo!
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    The only spells I believe in are the

    kind I weave with my pheromones.

    Sexual magic takes place at the level of affect. Therefore the basic

    principle is to “channel” the “spirit” of the mones though your own affect in order to create an irresistible sexual

    aura that draws the emotional core of your beloved into your sexual orbit.

    In practice this may require

    a preparatory purification stage (which, of necessity, includes banishing any thoughts that you MUST have this

    girl). It usually requires a bit of verbal misdirection to lure her away from habitual thought patterns (which

    always dampen the sway of emotions and tend to kill sexual magic quicker than anything). And of course you must

    maintain unwavering focus of intent upon the ultimate goal — emotional rapport — otherwise your mojo could fizzle

    out before the spell is consummated.

    Oh, and whatever you do, don’t forget the Rule of Three. (Whatever

    powers you unleash are going to come back at you threefold.)

    Just kidding. Kind of.
    Give truth a chance.

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