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    Question Request Blending Instructions on Oils & Mones

    Hi I just received some great oils from the Hayward Company in Florida. I purchased

    perfume type oils which Hayward claims are more concentrated then the ones in the actual designer perfumes,because

    of additives.

    I am sending out my question to all you Phereo Chemists in cyberspace who have been experimenting

    with their own formulas either on themselves or some unsuspecting test subjects .

    I would like to blend these

    oils with phermones and use them in a sprayer of some type but in small quantities. What suggestions do you have

    regarding dilution of the oils so that it does not have a negative effect on the phermones , and what are the mixing

    percentages? Traderneil Las Vegas

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    Hello there, Im a newbie too but

    let me say I ordered sandlewood, jasmine, orange peel and egyptian musk from Hayward to combine together and dilute

    and then add nol non rol combination. Im still waiting for the package but they say they are very concentrated

    should last 8-12 hours. Ill let you know how it turns out.

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