What's the best way to meet new ppl after being in a long term

relationship? Do you ever find it hard to "get back into the game" after a long term relationship ends?

I think

this is more less my biggest problem. I've noticed with other long term relationships I've been in, when they end

you get "rusty" so to speak. Mainly b/c you have been used to being with one person and you've already gone through

the courting process with them.

I've found that the longer the relationship is, the rustier you become in the

dating world for obvious reasons.

Do any of you find that as you get older it seems as though there are less

available ppl around? I'm noticing this. A girl I met online who actually turned out to go to my highschool. She

just turned 29 years old so she's almost 2 years older than me.

I met her on a dating site and she said she

broke up with ehr boyfriend of 4 years in the fall. He really hurt her and they were supposed to be married as he is

32 years old. He told her to never call him again or he'd never answer her calls and he was going to screw as many

other women as he could. He moved to Toronto for school and has already been with other women.

She's gone out

with a few other guys as well. She told me that he contacted her and wanted to come and see her. Now she's dating

him again after he hurt her.

Someone who's been with her for 4 years doesn't leave much room for a new


Since my ex and I mutually ended the relationship, I seem to meet women in this situation as the girl I met

online. I'd like to take her out, but she's into her X and I haven't heard from her or seen her online all week.

I guess with the Easter weekend she may have gone to Toronto to visit him.

Anyway what's the best way to get

your game back on and meet available ppl? I'm not really into the club/bar scene anymore as I've grown out of it.

I go once in awhile for a couple of drinks but not to pick up.

What do you guys think? & yes I'd like to hear a

woman's opinion, Silksand perhaps?