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    Cool Mix for dancing...

    Need some advice on

    the right mix. I'm in this Salsa class, and last week was the first time we actually switched partners. In doing

    so, I had a conversation with a girl that seemed to have some much, I don't know, but she's got

    some amazing eyes and a great smile, so I was a bit distracted.

    Anyway, it was one of the few times I was

    wearing nothing there. This week, I want to wear something to get that little bit of an edge (and also for my

    benefit as well).

    I apply to my fore-arms, which will be about 1 foot away from her nose. ...exposure time

    will be about 15 seconds to just over a minute...with several exposures (probably 6 or so). I am 25, 5'11", with

    dirty-blonde hair and a decent build...she is around my age, dirty-blonde, and about 5'8".

    I was hoping to get

    some advice from the sages of the group. I'm looking for something "open", with a twinge of sexuality. I have:

    50/50 SPMO/TE Mix (from the starter kit...I like this stuff)


    Gel Pack
    Alter Ego Gel Pack
    Edge Gel Pack

    Any advice you guys could give would be appreciated. I've

    got until Thursday to decide on a mix and maybe wear it out to test once...just to see how it feels to me.


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    I recommend a strong

    application of your starter kit mix with EITHER WAGG or Pheros.

    Wear a tight-fitting shirt like a polo shirt

    (golf shirts are okay). Do NOT wear a t-shirt. Wear some sort of slacks (make sure you have a contrast -- don't

    wear a dark shirt with dark pants).

    Suggestions on color combinations:

    Red Shirt with black or white

    Burgundy/wine shirt with black or white slacks (BEST)
    Black shirt with grey slacks (makes you look more

    mature -- very good, usually)
    Light Blue shirt with black, grey, or white slacks
    Dark blue shirt with grey or

    white slacks

    Make sure you belt matches your shoes (black with black, not brown with black). Wear only a solid

    color, thin belt. No big fancy buckles.

    If you have square-toed shoes, burn them. Better yet, feed them to an

    alligator and THEN burn them. Find some nice round-toed shoes (leather is best, but if you're on a budget, avoid

    anything from a discount store).

    The point is to emphasize your physique without looking like you're trying to

    "dress up". Keep a good frame with your right elbow pointed out (supporting her arm weight if you must) no matter

    how uncomfortable it becomes.

    When you make eye contact, MAINTAIN IT UNTIL SHE LOOKS AWAY.

    And, most

    importantly, wear the pheromones on your chest (any place else is okay, but chest is MANDATORY). You want her to

    feel like she has to bury her face in your chest.

    Say as little as possible to her. Every time she makes a

    mistake, tease her. Every time YOU make a mistake, tease her anyway. Do NOT make it sound like she is having an

    effect on you (none of this "Sorry, I was dazzled by your beauty").

    Example, you forget your step and she tries

    to go through anyway. Stop her. Say, "I'll lead, thank you." Then just throw in an extra basic.

    The chances

    of your hooking up with the girl are not great. It DOES happen. Depends on the dance school. In Houston, there is

    one school which brags about the marriages that come out of the dance classes. Other schools, you hardly hear about

    relationships no matter how long people go.

    I do have girls hitting on me all the time. One woman (probably late

    twenties to early thirties, Asian, extremely gorgeous, unmarried with a 4-year-old son) is constantly trying to get

    me to buy her lunch. But if you make the transition from dancing with to dating, they'll all know about it

    INSTANTLY. I've had girls drop their interest in me just because they saw me talking with other girls.

    They are

    insidious, vicious, jealous, calculating, conniving, back-stabbing, untrustworthy, callous, heartless, predators.

    They eat men for breakfast and chew on boys for snack food and candy in these classes. They know we are looking and

    they will do anything they can to tease, flaunt, and get some attention.

    The single ones are worse.


    you have to make her suffer so badly she'll do anything to be with you. You want to tease her into submission. You

    must be a gentle, subtle, provocative, constant torment of temptation.

    When she cannot stand it any more,

    she'll talk to you and give you an opening. Take it slowly. You can easily go way too fast (most guys do). You

    cannot take it too slow.

    And let HER start talking first. You're the catch here. She has to earn you.

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