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    Default Newbie/begginers kit HELP and kit smell

    18 yearold, bdy in goodshape, and goodlookin

    I just got newbie kit and it seems kidof wierd. My Te dosnt smell

    like anything, just a little bit of alcohol(vodka-ish) smell. The musk oil smells a little diffrent. At first i

    thought it smelled really bad but now im not as offended by it. I guess i kinda got used to it.

    First thing i

    tried is a small mix (about 1-2 ml) of 65:35 musk/te combo in the atomiser and sprayed about another 1 ml of colong

    into it. (in the process i accedently dropped and spilled about half the muksoil on my table.. gone to waste..) I

    appied about half that total mix troughout the day and got no reaction at all. I did the same thing the next day

    with no luck. The third day i tried about 4 sprays of Te by itself and sparyed colonge ontop of it to cover it up.

    People say Te stinks and im not able to smell it so i was a little scared.. i didnt know how i smelled to others.

    btw everythin was applied to the neck and wrist area and was tested in a college enviroment.

    so now.. my

    What should i do to get some nice hits like i see on this foum. I have half a vial of musk oil, almost

    full TE, colonge, and old realm for men (i think it has women mones in it). oh and i have a fresh batch of sample

    gel packs.. how should i mix, how should i apply and where should i apply. and how often

    also, how are the mones

    i have suppose to smell like. most importantly TE. Should i wear it alone or would it be to stinky.

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    Yeah I guess you're unable to

    smell -none, like me .

    Before you start worrying about anything, wear what you have and go talk to

    someone or go to a club etc and see if what would be a normal conversation for you is any different. Another thing

    is to not just go around waiting for people to stare at you, you gotta try a bit. Say your in a club and you are

    chatting away and the 'mones do their thing. Soon people will start to give you glances as you walk around but

    maybe not before.

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    You are young and in shape,so i

    suppose you do sport etc.
    1 spray of TE is about 0,015 none.Maybe it is too much for you.
    While i never

    experienced the beginners kit,i had enough experiences with TE,SO:
    start with 4 Dabs of TE(near 0,005 none),and

    increase your dose of two dab every day.notice the differences,find your personal limit(it shouldn't be behind

    0,030 none anyway).What you will do with SPOMusk is not that important since it contains nol(and i think FEW

    nol).Use it as a cover.Add cologne,few few few of it.Too much perfumed guys are NOT COOL.
    Notice:since you can't

    smell None,i will give you some indication..13 dabs are near 1 spray,and 1 spray NEEDs some cover,or it will stink

    maybe too much for some girls(and you want to keep all the doors open,won't you?).A 4 dabs TE:1 Dab of cover scent

    ratio could be fine.

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    Read the

    Pherolibrary in general, but this page in particular will be of interest to you:

    Information about pheromones: Pheromone Information Library

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