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    Default What\'s that fragrance you\'re wearing?

    I\'m sort of curious about how open people are about the fragrance/pheromones that they are wearing. I heard that, \"What\'s that fragrance you\'re wearing?\", is a common question. I assume you don\'t tell everyone that you\'re using pheromones. If the fragrance is APC, what do you tell them? What if the fragrance is a famous one like CK one but is borderline recognizable because of the pheromones?

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    Whenever I get that question, i just say it\'s some mixture of some oils that i bought somewhere and i try to change the topic right away before she even says another word. I don\'t say exact names or places i bought them, that way when she thinks of me that night, she still has that same question in her mind, and the more she thinks of me, the more she\'ll go after me [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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