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    Red face Witches Brew

    Hello I'm new to

    the forum. I've been using pheromones off and on for awhile now. But yes I think animals respond to the mones. I

    was in this cigar store the other day and they had these talking birds. I forget the name para something. But as

    soon as I walked in these birds started screeching I knew it was me. I did a test. I walked out of the shop and

    asked my friends to come out and let me know if the birds stopped when I left. They did. I decided to go back in and

    the talking birds started talking again. Creepy. They were saying Hello over and over again. I felt kindof powerful.

    By the way I use TE and SOE with a spritz of Imani Cologne.
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    Default Hi I have a question or I need info

    Hi its me again. Happy Day after Thanksgiving. Here's my question or maybe it's just a need for info.

    I've just ordered Essence of Woman EW and Passion Copulin Concentrate. Have any of you had any experience's and

    hits using these products.Also I went to an inlaws house for the Holiday and there cat would not leave me alone. I

    gave it eye contact and told it to go lay down and it did. I think that now they think I'm a witch or something.

    But it's all because of the mones. Bye for now. Peace

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    Default I wanted to share this with you.

    Hi. I previously wrote that I was going to mix a witches brew in order to see what happens. Well I did

    and I asked for and got a $10,000 raise and promotion at work. This is no lie. I've been working my rear off. So I

    feel that I deserved it. My 2 bosses are female which goes to prove that pheromones have there place here at work as

    well. I'm an Accountant BTW. Since I've been wearing mones to work my bosses have become overly friendly and more

    talkative about personal things.

    This is what I used.
    3 drops PI/w
    3 drops PPA
    3 drops SOE/w
    3 drops APC

    drops AE/w
    1 drop EW
    1 drop PCC
    I put all this in some HoneySuckle EO from Madini 10 ml bottle. After shaking

    this up really good. I slather this brew all over myself then follow with my favorite perfume from Victoria's

    Secret Pear.

    It's an all around good mix. The guys respond great to it also. I'm engaged to be married in a

    couple months so I'm not looking for a love connection just some attention. I'm getting it.

    Also my fiancee

    (sp) who is always attentive has become more so. And the love making is intense. We've been doing things to each

    other that are wild and adventurous.

    Sorry for the long post. I just wanted to share.

    Oh. I've also purchased

    and received Edge Essentials Glow. It smells ok but I have'nt used any yet. Maybe I'll add it to my witches brew.

    We shall see.

    This was copied over from the Pheromone discussion thread. Sorry for the long post.

    Also I've

    started putting drops of this mix in my lotions and body sprays. My fiancee and I had raw, jungle sex last night

    because I added this mix to the bath water that we both shared.

    My NPA should be arriving soon and I'm going to

    add just a little to my brew. Hopefully it wont blow up. Ha Ha.

    The Countess

    Peace Out

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