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    Default Men's impression on Women w/phero's


    There's been alot of discussion how we can get them bedazzled, but how's about when females

    use it? Anyone experienced it? Something to try w/girlfriend?

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    I'm willing to be a test subject

    if an attractive woman would like to experiment. I ran the subject by my last girlfriend and she laughed that she

    doesn't need any as she gets hit on constantly. My ex-wife said the same thing. In fact, she wishes for man

    repellent. Women seem to have it easy...

    I think for 'mones to be effective the target/subject shouldn't

    know you're wearing them. Otherwise they'll be self conscious or fight it.
    "I'm just a dirty hornytoad" -Gegogi

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    I got my girl some PCC. She's a

    bit shy in public (even around other girls), so conversation can be an effort for her in public. I figured I wanted

    to see the effect on me, her, other people, and hoped that it would help losen her up in conversation so she

    wouldn't feel so self conscious...a bit like TE/SPMO seems to do with me.

    She's worn it once around me and

    loves the scent...even though I did know she was wearing it, between her mix and mine we were getting on pretty well

    that night

    She is supposed to wear it in a social situation on Thursday, so I will see if anything goes

    differently. It's a weekly thing, so the norm has already been established. Hope to report back with something



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    It's true that women usually

    won't need much more to get attraction from other men, but thinking of her partner, lighten up a long boring

    relationship maybe? Spice up sex? There should be plenty of arguments to try it, to enhance to partner's feeling.

    I am curious to know if she wears anything, then I could be even hornier than ever, romantic than ever or chat

    her socks of or something? Would be interessting to know how the reactions would be...

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