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    Talking Hello from a newbie!

    Well, here I go.

    Got the starter kit (TE and EO), along with some packets of AE, Chikara, SOE, and TE.

    First off, thank you

    Bruce for shipping the stuff out in record time: Two Days! You could SO run the US Postal service!


    I'm 28, 5'8", 210lbs., Muscular build, and shaved (sexy) head and gotee.

    Now, I have to admit...I am a

    little skeptical, but I am willing to give the mones a fair try. I have done some research on MedLine (I'm in the

    medical field), and there is enough evidence on human pheromones and behavior to warrant the couple of bucks I threw

    down to try them out. (If I didn't spend the cash on the mones, I'd just blow it on something stupid).


    spent a HUGE amount of time reading the posts here on the forum. And I think that I have the general idea of dosages

    and what mones do what: Start small, and allow enough time for experimentation.

    Now, here is the problem, and

    any suggestions will be greatly appreciated: From my physical description, I tend to look a little intimidating.

    However, I seem to always get put into the "Let's just be friends" catagory, or worse, the dreaded "but your like a

    brother to me". I tend to be too nice to the ladies, and many times this works against me. (And yes, there is a

    difference between being nice and "too nice".

    So, any general suggestions on where to start? I know that it

    will take some experimentation to find my special "Mone-Jo" cocktail. I just need a little push in the right



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    Fairly new myself, but with the

    starter kit (which I loved BTW), it doesn't get much better than the 50/50 mix of TE/ should make you seem

    a little less scary, and add an interest that they wouldn't like with their brother.
    Just my $.02, but that mix

    was a great start for me...I didn't start playing around with anything else until I used that off and on for a

    couple of weeks.


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    Don't be so nice! Act the way you

    really want, and that is by doiing and saying things to let her know that you want to see her naked and give it to

    her! And yes, there's are differences between being temptatious and being rude! Touch her when you talk to her! Say

    that she smells good, talk about "sexy" things in a way she feels comfortable with. Let her know that you want her.

    Because you aren't doing that right now! You are trying to be "here I am, look at me, nice and super, take me as I

    am".. EEEERRR.... We have instincts that tells us to hunt, and the women wants to see that we're capable of that.

    As far as the phero advice, I'd start with AE and SOE based great experience on my own, but Chicara is supposed

    to be great too. TE is said to be giving sexual hits, so you might want to try and calculate the ingredients with a

    mix not to heavy on the -none side.

    Also, a nice trick is to ask the girls if they would smell your neck, as

    you got this new perfume on and wondered what she thought of it. I tried this last time I was out at a bar, I got

    two major major feedbacks from this experiment, and two who didn't notice anything special.

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    Exactly! Dude, you and I seem

    to have the same basic appearance and position we get "slotted" into. Be nice, but on your terms. Not "too" nice in

    that you'll bend over backwards, or do something without hesitation, but nice as long as the niceness is

    reciprocated. I'm not saying be a total dick, just make people "earn" your niceness.
    Defnitely work flirtatious

    things into conversation. The touch thing is something to be careful with, I usually prefer to let the girl make the

    first move to something like that (if I don't know her already, especially in a non-club atmosphere).
    Finally, as

    for the `mones go, you probably want to stick with a little AE as a "base" and accent it with the chikara or SOE.

    For an even less "alpha" mix you could go for the SOE/chickara, but I think that to help overcome that "nice-guy"

    slotting, a decent amount of `none is needed, even for people that appear to be alpha already.
    A final tip from

    another goatee guy. Definitely use it to put some `mones in! I usually use a tiny bit of a gelpack, or "leftovers"

    on my fingers from droppers and apply it there.
    Also, remember that if you are going to go after girls that

    you've known for a while now, they might react very strange about your new `mone signature, and may or may not

    "adjust" to it and like it in the end.

    "You are a sick f*ck, but I wouldn't have you any other way. "

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