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    Question Your look as reading KEY of you signature?

    I reported some results from this mix:1spray Edge Heat(neck)+1spray chikara(neck)+half spray

    perception(neck to make scents last longer)+2 drop wagg(side of the neck)+4 inches Soe total(wrists/behind ears).+9

    dab of Pheros.
    I am 20 years old.Physically tonic.7,5/10 "pretty".Dark look.1,75m tall.LONG hairs.i have beard

    What i have noticed is that i HAD NOT a single case of aggression from men(even when NOT using

    Maybe i am low on none for a guy of my age,and i could be a lot far from an OD.maybe it is my culture which

    could require high none for success.Maybe it was simply the environment which played its part.Maybe it was the

    temperatue(i do not think this since i tried almost the same thing in different places,with different

    temperature.)But i came up with another hyphotesis.
    example:A friend of mine had problems with his girlfriend,and

    wanted to go to dinner with me,to ask my opinion on the whole thing.
    i was wearing something like 1,5 spray edge

    heat and 1 chikara.
    I remember that when he was talking about important and crucial things of this relationship,he

    was touching my arm.My friend is THE very typical alpha male,9/10 on attractiveness.And this "savior effect"

    happened other times with other males.Also i found women not very much different from a normal situation..some is

    shy etc.Let's say nobody till now ran away from me.

    My hyphotesis is that my look,and most of all my long

    hairs(when they are wet they touch my bottom),give a touch of indefinite sexuality,able to give the people a more

    versatile interpretation of my pheromones(which can be good or bad,see below).
    Just to make an example:if i enter

    in a male range,maybe he can feel to be threatened,but looking to my look he is not able to decode exactly the

    threat,since from one side he sees a "lone wolf alpha male type",but from the other side he feels my picture not as

    the stereotype of alpha male,and he sees into me(for example the long hairs)something "feminine"(well,it is better

    to call it"sexually indefinible",since i am not really feminine),which could lower the aggression factor,dued to the

    fact that subconsciously he is not able to define a clear division between "threat" and " target".
    And this could

    be the same situation of a woman:she can feel intimidated,but she doesn't recognize exactly the stereotype of alpha

    male,and seeing those long hairs maybe she perceives a greater sensibility which "counters" the most negative None you a less sexual aura but a more ambiguous and misterious one;this is a sort of Oscar Wilde's

    As drawback...if the theory is right...if i bath into Nol..i should be immediatly identified as omosexual

    What do you think?Has anyone perceived ambiguous mones responses as i had?

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    Possible...visual conditioning (if

    true) should create a response to softer features similar to that which you would receive from softer pheromones.
    "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."
    --Benjamin Franklin

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