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    Default third Day of pheromone use

    I was

    skeptical at first that pheromones to attract other people would work. If you read my older threads you can see what

    i mean. On the first try nothing happened. On the second day Chikara worked wonders !!! but I wasn't really sure

    if it was because valentines was around the corner and I got lucky with some horny girl. Plus i was hooked up wore

    new shirt/pants/shoes that night.

    im 29 yrs old 235lbs at 6,4" latino

    wore three total sprays of TE as

    follows sprayed once on each side of my chest close to the pits. got dressed and then put on one finaly spray of TE

    center of my chest covered by 2 sprays of Realm. I also used 1/3 pack of SOE gel rubbed on my wrists and behind


    what i wore today.
    sweade caramel colored coat has a blazer type style. Black Sweater, blue jeans and

    pair of timbs that matched the color of my coat. nice day today in NYC too sunny and spring like.



    1) went to post office a fine young 20 year old started just talking to me about the long line ahead she

    started not me. then a 35yr old alright looking lady in front of me got into our conversation and started talking

    about the long line. Then we ended up talking about just regular stuff me and the two ladies . then believe it or

    not a post office worker about 28years old black who was eyeing me from the counter approached me during her break

    and told me that the paper i was holding was for a package pickup and that she could get that for me. I got out of

    the line and she got me the package. I was heading out the door and the 20 year old started calling me and told me

    that she was going out saturday night to some club call Babaloo's or something like that and wanted me to go. (one

    of the subjects we were talking about was the club scene) i said i would like to but if i could bring my girl she

    said ok but not to happy. on my walk back home 9 out of 10 girls (im not counting old ladies im talking about

    girls i would want to hook up with) would look at me straight into my eyes and hold eye contact !!!

    2) know i

    got to decide to take my girl or not on sat.!!!

    3) since i have finally found my ultra mix of te / soe i will

    no longer post my day's event's as a beginer with pheromones

    4) Conclusion to my experiment pheromones

    really do work. I swear by them and im not paid by bruce or even know anyone in this forum. I was really hoping they

    wouldn't so that i could prove these people wrong........what did it for me was girls would start conversating

    without me saying a word. I can understand in a bar or club but its the first for me in a non-social location such

    as the post office.

    btw this whole week ive been on vacation. cant wait to try it out in the subway when i go

    back to work.

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    Congrats! I would have been afraid

    of OD'ing with that, but wow! Time to try something new...

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    women will cater to you more

    with mones, the eye contact on streets is you noticing them. but close in chatty talk and help is mones working.

    saying you would bring girlfriend is commendable but a hott moment killer.

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