Been looking trough this forum alot in the last coouple days as I'm always looking to find the

optimal dosage/mix recommedation, and I think I just came up with a great idea to try and collect info about users

and link the results according to their sweat types. This is based on some post I read about how much natural

phero's you have may have an impact on how much you should add, and then what your results are..

I don't

sweat all that much, but when I start to smell, it smells kinda sour, like onion. I know this is a well known kind

of sweat-type.

Other smells I come to think of is what makes me consider to smell like chilinuts, or you might

have another association on that. But I was thinking of if we try to agree of the most basic and general sweat

types, then we could gather info on successful dosages according to the correspondant sweat types. THEN it might be

possible to get some useful tips/rules that may work as more exact pinpointers of recommended dosages?


just wondering if anyone else thinks that this sounds like an idea...