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    Ok, i'll try that and thanks

    bjf =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Philip-
    Let say that i

    have found out 1 spray of Chikara solely is a superb amount for me, and 2 daps of NPA solely is also a very very

    good amount for me. But when I mix them together is it then possible that they wont work very well?

    it's possible. I'm not sure if it's probable, but it's definitely possible. One of the things that makes Chikara

    difficult is that nobody really knows what's in it, so it's difficult to predict exactly what it will do,

    especially when mixed with other products. Chikara definitely contains -none, though, as does NPA, and -none is

    responsible for a lot of ODs, so the extra amount of -none in Chikara may push you over the edge. However,

    I've heard of a couple of people who add NPA to their highest possible sub-OD dose of Chikara without ill effects,

    so I would guess that something other than -none causes Chikara ODs. In other words, if you add a spray of Chikara

    to the highest possible dose of NPA that you can use, you'll probably OD. But if you add a drop or two of NPA to

    the highest possible dose of Chikara that you can use, you probably won't. But, of course, YMMV.


    lets say i have found out that 2 sprays of chikara with 4 daps of npa is very good, but then if i want to go with

    less npa because eg. i think it might be able to get better resuslts, so i decrease it to 2 daps instead, would i

    then have to cut down chikara down to 1 spray too, in order to keep it in the same ratio and make it work? Im asking

    because i still dont have found any mix that works for me, and have been wondering whether my chikara amount was

    good enough, but my npa amount was too little/big and thus destroyed the mix.
    Ratios of one product to

    another can sometimes be important (e.g., with WAGG or SOE), but they aren't always. Generally, that's only when

    you have a pheromone in one product that reduces or masks the bad effects of a pheromone in another product. I doubt

    that happens to any significant extent with the Chikara/NPA mix, so you should be able to play with the doses of

    each product independently without worrying about what it might do to the product ratio.

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    Man, you seem know what

    you're talking about, Jonathan. You also worded your posts very simply, so thanks for making it easy to understand.

    Phillip-I'm going to try what bjf suggested as well, as I'm having a hard time finding a good mix. Jonathan, I

    take it you use mones. If you don't mind me asking, which ones do you use? If you mix, what's it consist of and

    what's the ratio? Thanks, bro

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