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    Default DIHL, DIOS variations

    Thanks for your response TallCoolOne and Redcapp to my post on the \"Cologne to Wear. . \" thread. I asked the following;

    \"I have a question about DIHL. A total \'10\' knockout young woman I work with walked up to me when I had the Jambat I mixture dabbed on, and turned sideways and just stared into space for about 10 seconds with a look on her face like she was lost or trying to remembering something, then walked away. Is this the DIHL or is serious eye contact a necessary part of the official DIHL look?\"

    Redcapp said this might be called a \"Deer in Outer Space\" (DIOS)lol! Great Call. I have a further question and thought others might have noticed variations of the classic DIHL, they would like to share. I think the DIHL effect is one of the more rewarding as it makes it clear your pheromone \'cylinders are firing on all eight\'.

    Also, I\'d be interested to know if anyone has noticed if the effects on one particular person you\'re working on shows variations in their response over a period of time. I\'m very interested in making a strong impact on the one woman I mentioned but have noticed a wide range of responses. I have tried various combinations of Jambat I, TE+AE, TE+AFA, NPA+AFA+APC+AE+TE over the last month with a wide range of responses. She acted very silly with the DIOS a month ago with the Jambat I, but then not much to the TE variations, AE alone, etc. I finally went back to JambatI yesterday and although no DIHL or DIOS she had great eye contact and would smile, look away and down alot and looked very flushed. Is it possible that she\'s noticing an effect and fighting the DIHL?! Hope the question makes sense. Many of the posts here concern meeting new people which is great but I\'ve been wondering how the results may change on one person you happen to be bombarding with the \"Phero\" effect.

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    Default Re: DIHL, DIOS variations

    Good show. For future reference I never really sugguest TE to anyone because I had the same experience. You probably did get some weird subtle hit but you\'d never know it. Some may sugguest ODing on TE but I say that\'s probably not a good idea either. PI may be a good substitute for NPA or use AFA even but not TE. Otherwise, cool. JB #1 is powerful. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: DIHL, DIOS variations

    Yeah in a crowded room some women cant seem to nail down the source the brain just goes on alert max. Therefore the DIOS deer in outer space look, or as i call it the stunned mullet SM look ive noticed the effects on me of others male and female wearing pheros, my brain is trained now through exposure to pick up on it and i know when there are phero products around above natural levels. I am able even when exposed to high doses to just ignore it if i need or want to. Bruce is right exposure seem to dull the brain a bit to pheros which can be a good thing.

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    Default Re: DIHL, DIOS variations

    Thanks for the feedback. I\'ve searched all the past postings regarding DIHL to see if there were one or two pheros alone or in combination that were associated most often with this specific effect. I didn\'t do any statistical analysis but it did seem like it was the androstenone that usually came up. As you were suggesting Jambat, it did seem like the NPA, PI (or P10?) might be the heavy hitters for this effect? Any thoughts on this or subtle differences between these three products relative to the DIHL/DIOS/SM effect? I\'m debating my next purchase.

    Also, concerning ways to use, rather than just observe the effect.... I remember one post mentioned something about using the \"headlights moment\" [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] to anchor by saying your name to the woman or I suppose you could touch their arm gently(R.Jeffries). Any thoughts or successful applications?

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    Default Re: DIHL, DIOS variations

    What a ripper, DD! LOL

    Stunned Mullet!! Absolutely spot on!!!

    Wish I\'d been first to Antipoedianise it. Credit to you though. [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

    To Andre, do either of those: say your name, or touch them momentarily - if appropriate!
    Other things include subtley wiping your scent onto them (if it REALLY is a \'hit\') to leave your signature, or saying \"Hey, great shoes / boots / sandals, etc!\" makes them look down, and MOST women I know go out of their way to buy good looking shoes - even those who have gone for the trash-goth look will still shell out $200 on a nasty pair of boots.

    Also, it gives you something to talk about immediately too - after they come out of their trance, that is. (Less obvious than \'nice blouse\'!) [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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    Default Re: DIHL, DIOS variations

    Andre, honestly I think I have a total of 2 girls who have ran away from me literally because of the pheros. I don\'t know if I should call it a hit but i\'m pretty sure the pheros have something to do with it. Then as i\'ve always said in my other posts, i always get DIHL/DIOS that don\'t seem right.Why i said that? Because they look like they want to kill me! [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] They stare at me with wide open eyes but not smiling. Can you imagine how ugly it looks? So me, instead of saying hi, just run away coz i don\'t wanna die yet! [img]images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]
    But one hit that I got was with my ex. I have a post entitled \"Effect on my ex\" which is probably on the 2nd page now. you can take a look at it and see what kind of hit i got with my ex!!
    Well, anyway, let\'s just have fun with these hits whatever kind it is because at least we know that it\'s working!

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    Default Re: DIHL, DIOS variations

    Redcapp, I went back and read your \"ex\" post. I\'ve been trying to decide whether to go with more NPA or PI or Perfect 10. Sounds like PI+APC+AE did the trick for you so I may try the PI. Have you ever used the perfect 10 and how would you compare the effects of the NPA, PI and P 10?

    I wonder if the angry look is because you\'re really \'raising their temperature\' and they\'re frustrated as to how to break through to you? There was one girl that I know likes me and always seemed happy and talkative with the NPA+APC. One day I added more in the afternoon before I saw her and may have started to accumulate an OD. She was was real cranky! like I\'ve never seen her before.

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    Default Re: DIHL, DIOS variations

    Well I have The Edge, and Alter Ego. I have not had stunning results from either, but I am dealing with a few oddities. I just ordered NPA, because, well hey, it seems to be a component of all of the working mixes. One of my favorite moves, he he he, is if there is any noise in the room, Put your hand on their shoulder and lean in close and ask them to repeat what they said. This provides a couple of good things. One, touch, this can bring dividends if things work out. Two, most applications are of the wrist/neck kind. This puts both in close contact, and lets the fine lady smell the aftershave/cologne. My 2 cents

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