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    Post Become a Sexwhisperer!

    That’s the

    content of a short, but (in my opinion) very informative article that describes how to talk to a woman in a way that

    breaks the ice and perhaps her heart.
    With examples from world-famous literature it describes in three steps how

    this could work. If you have the right pheromones for some extra help too, maybe that’s the key for a romantic

    night… For all of you who can read a bit germen and are interested, that’s the link:

    “Der Sexflüsterer: So

    reden Sie sie zum



    It may be important to know girls body-language-signals. But I find it much more important to be sure of your

    self and know how to talk to them. Don’t always look testing to her; be sure of yourself! Heinrich Böll once said,

    “You have to go too far, to know, how far you can go”.
    As this is also my problem, that I’m simply to shy,

    that’s why I find the article fascinating. It gives a short and easy to follow schedule. Well, life isn’t as simple

    that you can handle it with a schedule, but it may give you some help to get in the right direction.


    those of you who are interested I tried to sum up the germen article in English and hope you can understand this, as

    my English is not very good (sorry!):

    - - - - -

    I. Tickle her with words

    “Questions are

    never indiscreet, answers sometimes are” (Oscar Wilde)

    1. Usual small talk:

    Start a

    conversation like you are used to (what do you do, whom do you know here…) and show some interest in what she


    2. Add the FEEL-FACTOR:

    Required topics are: sexuality, body, attraction, attractiveness and

    But don’t blurt it out…

    2A) Talk about others
    It could be on the basis of a sex-scene from a

    new movie (“it's great played, isn’t it?) or a TV-Series like ‘Sex and the City’ and the picture of women

    it presents. It may also be about a new sex-shop for women that opened somewhere…
    But even better is to gossip

    about other people that are at your place. It’s not very nice, but girls love it. Talk about what you see – small

    nastiness tickles. And laughing about others builds things in common: For example “Look, Lutz is looking at Sarah’s

    breasts. What do you think about her low décolletage?”
    --->and now comes the coup: turn the conversation in the

    right direction: positive and personal! --->

    2B) More about her
    What does she like? (“Do you like this by

    a man?”)
    What makes the Sex-Appeal of a woman for her?
    Let her talk about herself: her attraction, her

    failings. Let yourself be convinced from her and contradict her (“no, your bum is not too big”). If she asks you

    about your taste of women, be careful: She relates what you say to herself.

    2C) Spice it with romance

    order to change a topic or relax the conversation, use some romance (big cinema).
    You may say things that include

    words like “mankind”, “the life”, “finiteness” or “love”. Example: “You can feel really strange when you stand there

    and look up to the stars”. Or you present something from a famous poet and say “I think a lot about those things”.

    She may think you are a profound person, someone she can go with – but more about this later.


    Convince her with words

    1. Stimulate her love of adventure:

    The conversation should drive away

    the presexual inhibition, she may have. Ask for a situation where she was brave enough to do something (test of

    courage, bungee-jumping, forbidden fruits). Or ask during your conversation questions about something she did, you

    are thinking it was exciting for her (e.g. she sings in a choir - ask about her first moments on stage…).

    remember and tell the exciting moments brings up her love for adventure.
    Yes, that’s the kind of person she is!

    Why not also tonight?

    2. Ask the FINAL QUESTION:

    Remember, you want to reach the goal that she comes

    with you! Now is the time for asking:
    Ask full risk and no modesty. Even if she hesitates, say with confidence:

    Come with me. Asking the direct way is the best thing to have success, it shows how deep your desire is for her. And

    DON’T beg her or ask defensively, this will provoke a negative reaction.

    III. Arouse her with


    "For women the best aphrodisiacs are words. The G-spot is in the ears. He who
    looks for it below

    there is wasting his time!" (Isabel Allende).
    The following is, when the situation is getting really hot and you

    are near intimacy:

    1. One – Word – Strategy:

    The simplest text in the world: the name of the girl.

    Say it – again and again! (E.g. soft in her ear, full of love in her face, with admiration to her


    2. Two – Word – Strategy:

    Say her name together with a remarkable part of her body, many


    3. Talk Dirty:

    Use bad language not before the situation is fairly hot. Then these

    expressions help us coming together more close and accelerate the self dissolution we want in these moments. I

    think, it’s better not to give examples here as you in the US are more sensitive to this as we here in Europe are.

    4. Commentator of lust:

    It’s more exciting if you describe what you are doing – it increases it.

    Be your own commentator (like a football-commentator) and say what you see while loving her. This gets her really


    -->Now it’s enough. No time for reading anymore. You have to go now: Meet a girl. To talk with her

    for a while…

    - - - - -

    I would be happy if this simply could help someone a bit. Maybe you have time

    and the mood to tell me how you think about it and how the “sexwhisper-thing” could be improved… What

    Pheromone-Combo may be the best for a sexwhisperer (I like the word )?
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    tell a woman your are

    planning on building a 5000 sq ft house. then get married and have kids, she will chase you to the ends of the


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    I find that a great tactic while

    talking to a woman is to use hushed tones up close to her ear, almost like you are telling her a secret. Nothing

    sexy or too forward...she is still getting to know you. She will feel special, like you are letting her in on

    privileged information. It will also help her get used to you being in her personal space. Plus, she'll get a

    good whiff of the 'mones (ofcourse!).


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    Women also respond amazingly well

    to the written word. Perhaps because written words engage their powers of imagination and thus lead to fantasy. I

    know it sounds corny--hell who cares it works--but I've charmed many a woman by writing sensuous letters, poetry

    and emails.
    "I'm just a dirty hornytoad" -Gegogi

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    or or

    Tips to the cows come home

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    Thanks for your replies and

    the great links watcher!

    @ BIONIC MAN: Well, something that should not miss in every conversation is humour.

    But you need not to go so far!

    @Ridley: Hushed tones close to her ear are a great idea! Specially if there’s

    loud music or noise around you…

    @Gegogi: I like writing to girls too, but didn’t have much success with it so

    far. Guess you do this after you know them a bit better? Well, I’ll try on!
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    Some women believe it or not respond

    to accents.
    I have a slight Jamaican accent in my normal speaking voice, when I am speaking to my family or other

    Jamaicans then my full accent comes out.

    Almost every woman that I've dated that wasn't Jamaican seems to

    always want me to speak the language. I was on the phone with a woman earlier today and she made the same request

    and finally admit that it "turns her on".

    I asked one of my Jamaican friends about it and he states that he

    gets the same request all the time.

    Personally I like French and British accents, just something to think



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    Many men respond to accents

    also. Back when i did phone support one of my regular contacts was a lady in Atlanta with the nicest southern drawl.

    Just loved to listen to her talk.
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    It’s great, when dialect works

    for you. In my case it’s the opposite: I live in a small town near Munich where people speak a typical Bavarian

    dialect. When I go to university to Munich centre, especially young people speak High German only and try to speak

    no dialect. They find dialect old style. In DCW’s case it may be because he comes from such a beautiful and exotic

    country. Great if it works for you!

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