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    Smile In Depth Questions from soon to be Newbie

    Hi all, I've spent many hours reading many of the threads, and I have a number of questions while my

    wife and I await the free samples...

    This may be a long post, but I'll try to be brief:

    1. The first thing

    that occured to me was that when I wear a phero, I'll smell it, and my brain chemistry will change to be more

    alpha, or whatver, and I'll wind up being different, which will change my own phero production. To what extent

    have users 'learned' a new way of being from phero usage that has changed their relationship to others, their

    position in society, their attractiveness in a positive way so that phero usage is no longer as necessary. There

    seems to a positive potential to lifechange, besides just getting laid or getting raises.

    2. Is phero sexual

    attraction non-specific, meaning, if you are a guy, will it attract all women regardless of their personality/body

    type, or, will it attract those with whom you'd normally have the most chemistry. In other words, does it amplify

    your own signature to attract the right women, or just attract all out sexual behavior?

    3. Are there different

    pheros to use for sexual attraction and non-sexual alpha position recognition, say in a business or social


    I guess I'll start with that for now.

    Thanks, I'm fascinated and highly entertained already by

    what I've been reading...

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    A lot of these questions have

    been answered in past posts even though you spent a lot of time reading. My experience, as a guy, is that women are

    more interested in you but that you have to apply a persona that woman will feel attracted to on other levels for

    something more to happen. I find that the Pharamones affect my mood directly. I think it has some sort of biological

    factor, but others think all or a large part of it is physchological...meaning that it raises your self-esteme by

    the plecebo effect. Finally, I think the -none definately has a negative effect on other men. So I would not use

    that flavor in a general business setting. I find, however, that the use of copulins has a possitive effect on

    everyone and the combination of pharamones can be extremely powerful when combined with copulins.


    the right pharamones on a man will get women to pay attention to them and they will talk to you longer and notice

    something different about you that they just can't pin down. They will like it but don't know why. My advice is to

    try it and have fun with it.....I am still experimenting and recently bought wagg which I will use in combination

    with other pharamones or on its own in business situations.....

    Go for it and be aware....LOL

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    personally i've used none heavy

    products for a couple of years, they seem to have more results for me. initally getting reponses from the

    sterotypical "older ladies none likers". As for my behaviour i became more confident, arrogant sometimes, when i

    got drunk i talked about sex more.
    2. specific types and amplifing the chemistry. i've found with 'none', it

    is the older ones, but also the confident ones no matter what there age.
    will it attract those with whom you'd

    normally have the most chemistry, possibly, but i've met girls, they do the DIHL, after talking to them you find

    our your totally different, and you can see, they can't understand why you interest them so much.

    3. social

    standing. I've just started noticing now that when i go out with my mates, if they bring friends the new guys take

    a liking to me. my mates always say a couple of days later "oh my friend want to go out again next week and to make

    sure your i'm there, i'm great to hang out with bla bla" its an alpha thing for sure.

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