I received

my order 24/12/2004 and went inmediately to smell the mones, i opened the NPA/M , SOE unscented, TE and the musk

with androstenol of the begginer kit. They all smelled like strong body odor with the difference that de androstenol

products had a sweeter smell, while the none had a strong male odor that i can only associate to the odor of other

men when doing sports.

Is this normal? There is no expire date so no ideia how long they've been in stock,

since they were not sealed either i guess air could have got inside.

I've been using a mixture of 2ml of NPA,

4ml SOE and 2 ml of pure ethanol in the atomizer, i don't use the spray i dab from the atomizer, one dab in each

side of the neck, no reaction from women but a friend of mine said i smelled like piss the day after i applied the

dabs, i can't smell anything.

I don't get it, the mixture it's one 1 THIRD NPA, so concentration is below OD

point and only one dab in each side of the neck isn't problably even a drop of the mixture. I don't get it. If i

would be oding i would see hits at long distances, but nothing, except my friends comment, i asked my sister to

smell my neck and say what it smelled and she asked if i had bought a new perfume....

I don't get