I am obviously new around here and a pheromone newbie.
I have read so much the last week that I

am even more confused.
I am a male, age 26. What I seek from pheromones is:

Respect from co-workers, more

social situations with my boss and clients.
What a good guy effect sounds good!
Added interest from females

aged 20-30.
Those seems to be what many others are seeking aswell

I need unscented pheromones because I

really like my fragrance made by
Issey Miyake. I don't think I will like many of the scented versions.

free samples I will get with my order could prove me wrong though.

I will be using WAGG-N alone at work. How

many dabs are there in a bottle? How many should I start with?

I will make a #DD mix with NPA & SOE.

(NPA: 3 parts, SOE: 7 parts) and have a couple of questions for you experienced users:

Can I just mix

3ml NPA and 7ml SOE in a bottle and add 20ml my own fragrance (making it a 30% mix)?

Does it mix well

despite NPA being alcohol based vs. SOE oil based?
My fragrance is alcohol based.

How much of this

mix will I need to start out with?
I will use this when going to clubs & bars.

How long can I store

pheromones that are mixed with a fragrance?
Or will it store as long as unmixed?

Can I safely put

these products in my hair without the fear of hair falling
out (male pattern baldness), after all these products

contains hormones as
far as I understand.

Thank you for your time!