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November, 2001
Letter from the Prez:

Dear Readers,

Hope you are well. Again this past month I have been almost daily reminded of the power of love and its outward expressions of kindness and a warm smile; and conversely the danger of harboring those inner terrorists of ill will and self doubt. Let us form a coalition of brave souls determined to bring peace to the world, and move forward to defeat our common enemy hatred with the sword of love.
Once again I beg of you:
Don\'t forget to smile at someone today!
Bruce Boyd
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*Last Month\'s Survey & Contest Results
*Pheromone Q and A
*Feature Article: Women and Pheromones
*This month\'s \"Free Pheromones\" Survey/Contest
*New Products
*User Corner - Reader Pheromone Stories


There were only 75 responses to last month\'s survey!!!! Giving us two winners, who are:

\"Fox\" and Pocomas

They will each receive their choice of any Love Scent product(s) up to $30 in value!
\"Clothing and Sexuality\"

**Selected Highlights**


1. If appropriateness isn\'t an issue (pretend you\'re at a Halloween party), what are the three sexiest looks?

- the \"traditional\" \"French Maid\" costume. Short and silky and somewhat revealing.
- Clean and natural
- cosmopolitan feminine
- high fashion provocative
- Blue jeans, boots and white T-shirt: I like girls who wear this stuff. I like the simple people.
- Smirfette
- 50\'s poodle skirt, girl next door.
- women in uniform.
- The basic lusty bitch look: Low Cut dresses, knee high boots, short skirt
- ancient egyptian royalty outfit
- cheerleader outfit
- the Britney Spears schoolgirl outfit
- I love the peasant girl look
- I think a black cat or a tiger is really sexy, a real turn on
- Catwoman from the Batman movie

2. When it comes to the real world, which \"type\" catches your eye? Again, please describe as completely as possible.

- Natural beauty - as opposed to someone who is so contrived that you don\'t really know what she looks like, or who she is. Can use make up and be trendy, but is confident of her own looks and not afraid to be seen for who she really is.
- Sport type
- Any woman that is a professional, is intelligent yet not pretentious.
- Sexy corporate outfits. Blazers with short skirts. The sexy corporate look is a combo of sexiness and chic.
- Sincerity, particularly as exhibited in body language
- Actually the low cut pants that girls wear now is pretty sexy.
- The comfortable laid back type of girl who doesn\'t try to be trendy
- Very classy, elegant, well breed, quality.
- Tall, shapely, voluptuous and fairly muscular
- I prefer a natural look little or no makeup
- the ones who wear tight clothes and I can see every curve of their bodies.
- I like a girl who has a basic clothes selection, nothing special, and definitely not a girl who looks like a whore.
- I tend to go for professional and classy looking women

3. What one element of the opposite sex\'s clothing or accessories has the biggest impact on their desirability?

- fit. clothes that fit that person\'s body well (has nothing to do with tightness or how revealing) but the pleasing way the clothing (fabric, cut) actually drapes the person\'s body.
- footwear
- the lack of a wedding or engagement ring! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
- Tight slightly revealing clothing: short skirts, low cut, lacy, spandex or satin.
- Skirt
- Glasses
- Bra... the manner in which it displays their shape; rounded, pointy, etc.
- If the butt is accentuated well it doesn\'t matter what the rest of the girl looks like. I\'m game.
- pants, if they have baggy pants or dirty pants or even wrinkled pants, it\'s a big turn-off
- Class. That\'s a touch of self-restraint but the resources to get the best and to make it all work together
- Jewelry...if it\'s carefully and thoughtfully bought and worn smartly. It can really compliment an already gorgeous woman.
- Clothing that fits the body well, enough to show off a wonderful body but not extremely tight.
- G-String
- Tight Jeans by far is what I like to see!

Female responses

1. If appropriateness isn\'t an issue (pretend you\'re at a Halloween party), what are the three sexiest looks?

- A good body to start with,(of course) then good fitting jeans, black or
blue, black or white silk shirt, top couple of buttons undone,and clean shaven.
- White jeans, plain white cotton shirt, black boots, and long black duster.
- construction worker
- a king
- a cleaned-up, Sunday-go-to-meetin\' suit and tie
- Real honest-to-goodness cowboy/farmer look
- Cowboys - I just love the rugged look.
- Zorro - The mask and cape bring so many erotic notions to mind.
- Man in Black
- Count Dracula. Tall,dark & mysterious
- Three piece suits
- Black turtleneck and khakis. I\'m very into the coffeehouse intellectual look.
- caveman, the primal beast
- The Hero, a firefighter, policeman, superhero, etc. Someone to rescue me and keep me safe.
- A very sexy, yet rugged look and accent, he can take me home night after night
- Tarzan type. Nearly naked, tall, broad shouldered, powerfully built, golden and very masculine with long healthy hair.

2. When it comes to the real world, which \"type\" catches your eye? Again, please describe as completely as possible.

- I find men who are comfortable in their own skin the most attractive. I don\'t mean arrogant,
I simply mean unconcerned with what others think.
- Cowboys and military men. But really anyone who is sincere and honest.
- funny, intelligent, nice guys
- I most quickly notice guys who are under 5\'7\", dark hair, dark eyes
- an interesting voice intrigues me every time, no matter what his looks are
- Tan pants with a shirt with a little horsey (Ralph Lauren).
- clean, casual and comfortable. If he\'s trim, physically fit, and good looking, so much the better!!
- Pierce Brosnan types in jeans.
- someone who looks like they are comfortable with themselves.
- Man who wants to be \"professional\" but who has a bit of construction worker in him.
- The rugged type. Nice butts, tight jeans & muscles
- A goatee and funky hair. The artsy type.
- The hero. A muscular firefighter with no reservations about helping others.

3. What one element of the opposite sex\'s clothing or accessories has the biggest impact on their desirability?

- If I see a guy with his shirt half tucked or his drawers showing above his pants I automatically think \"Child.\" I want a man, not a son.
- Pants definitely. I can\'t stand baggy pants, or those that hang halfway down their waist.
- a nice shirt
- A man\'s well fitted jeans
- Suspenders. If they\'ve got suspenders and nice pants, I\'m hooked.
- clean and not all rumpled, like they take care of themselves and care about their appearance, but not all full of themselves.
- Well fitting clothes
- it would have to be their pants. There`s nothing like a nice butt in a pair of well fitting pants
- I have a thing about shirts. I\'m very into nice shirts.
- It\'s all about the jeans
- Cleanliness
- A killer smile is the only accessory that any need

[there were a lot of responses for the jeans look]



Q: I just saw on the news that the United States Postal Service is planning to irradiate mail as a means of killing bacteria. What impact might this have on pheromone products?

A: According to manufacturers of pheromone products, irradiation will not damage or degrade the pheromones in any way.

In fact, it might actually help the longevity. Pheromones are originally produced (in nature) by bacteria working on excreted hormone by-products, but presumably it is also via bacteria that they are further transformed into less desirable scent signals like body odor.

The real enemy of pheromones is heat, and they can be damaged by temperatures above 155 degrees Fahrenheit.

If irradiation treatment is a practical way to end the fear of anthrax attacks, I am all for it.

Good luck and don\'t forget to smile!
All the Best,

Bruce Boyd
Pheromone News
Legal Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and therefore none of the information contained in this newsletter should be construed as medical advice. It is only my personal opinion based on research papers and books I have read on pheromones, my own personal experiences and those of others who have written to me.



The Role of Pheromones and Scent in Female Sexuality

Ever wonder if women and men really differ when it comes to their sense of smell? Your local department store just might yield a big clue.

The women\'s fragrance section - large and well-stocked with designer perfumes, oils and hundreds of other scented items - is usually busy with women happily sniffing products and spraying samples onto wrists or small, white cards.

The men\'s fragrance section - not as large but nonetheless well-stocked with colognes and aftershave scents - will often by busy with women happily sniffing products and spraying more samples. If you\'re lucky, you might spot a man or two. He\'ll be there with a woman.

While the above example is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, and men do in fact visit fragrance counters of their own volition, it still highlights the fact that women have traditionally been more aware of the scents surrounding themselves.

Is there any scientific reason women are more concerned with scents and odors? Research does in fact suggest that women do have a better sense of smell than men.

In one 1999 study, researchers from the Monell Chemical Senses Center wanted to determine whether humans could communicate by scent. The researchers collected underarm odors from volunteers who were watching either funny movies or scary films, and discovered that people could actually detect the smell of happiness or fear (most volunteers claimed they couldn\'t smell a thing, but the guesses were quite accurate).

Interesting, the researchers discovered that the most accurate \"guesses\" came from women asked to identify the scent of male fear. More than three-quarters of the women volunteers, and approximately half the men, could pick out this male fear odor. Furthermore, over half of the women could pick out the scent of happy males; the males, however, couldn\'t identify the scent of female fear (or for that matter, the scent of happy males).

Earlier, in 1996, the Monell Center more directly addressed the question of gender and the sense of smell. In a newsletter article called \"Genes, Gender, Generation: Why are certain odors pleasurable to some and unpleasant to others,\" the writers noted that females are better at identifying odors.

\"When men and women are tested, females find pleasant odors to be more pleasant and unpleasant odors to be more unpleasant. Females also have lower thresholds for many odorants, and they generally rate the intensity of an odor higher than do men,\" state the Monell researchers.

As an interesting side note, the article also relates that in the not-so-distant past, it was thought that females were better at sniffing scents because of their greater involvement with meal preparation. However, differences in responsiveness to odors have been noted in newborns - before infants of either sex have done any cooking.

Cause and effect
Almost any women will tell you that her sense of smell varies during the course of her menstrual cycle. A woman\'s ability to smell during ovulation is believed to be more than 1000 times greater than during the time of menstruation, according to one study appearing in the November, 1996 issue of Nutrition Science News. And as they age, women become less sensitive to odors - notably the musky male scent produced by testosterone.

As early as the 1970s, researchers have noted that women living in close quarters, such as college dorms, would develop synchronized menstrual cycles. In 1998, researchers Stern and McClintock published a report in the journal Nature showing that female odors, or pheromones, have a regulating effect on the cycles of nearby women.

Additional research, including studies by the Athena Institute\'s Winifred Cutler, also found that male pheromones have beneficial effects upon the menstrual cycles of women. According to the Athena Institute, women having regular weekly sexual relations with men enjoyed the benefits of regulated and optimized menstrual cycles and fertility. She asserts that the effect is from contact with male pheromones contained in sweat, saliva or semen.

Other research has also shown that female vaginal secretions can have effects on human males. In other words, the vaginal odors, known as copulins, have the properties of a pheromone.

Astrid Jutte, at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Urban Ethnology in Vienna, has published research on the effect of copulins. She found that copulins produced during ovulation could increase male testosterone levels (measured in saliva) by 150 per cent. In general, the odor of copulins (despite it\'s somewhat unpleasant character) caused men to perceive women as more attractive. For this reason, Jutte theorized that copulins do indeed act as a pheromone. She also noted that copulins seem to make a female\'s optical attractiveness less important for males. Also, the less attractive a woman, the more she gains through the additional information she sends to a man via her natural scent.

Fragrance aisle of the future?
Today, more companies than ever are researching and producing pheromone scents or perfume additives designed to make women more attractive to the opposite sex. But perhaps just as importantly, there are companies already developing pheromone-based products that could benefit women in other ways.

Pherin Pharmaceuticals, of Mountain View, California, is developing a nasal spray containing a proprietary pheromone-like compound that could alleviate PMS symptoms. (Editor\'s note: One of Pherin\'s founders is David Berliner, who was previously associated with the development of the popular Realm line of pheromone-laced colognes).

A Canadian company, Pheromone Sciences Corp., has taken a different approach by purifying female human sweat. One of the isolated compounds, called Synchronin, has shown promise and appears to regulate the length and timing of menstrual cycles. Female menstrual cycles were induced within one week of exposure to a single dose of Synchronin. Besides pursuing the therapeutic development of the compound, the company has also used its discovery to develop the Fertility Monitor (TM), a wearable device designed to predict ovulation in healthy women. What\'s more, the Synchronin compound is also showing promise as a way of enhancing the male libido and may one day provide an alternative to drugs like Viagra.

With ongoing research into the role of scents and pheromones, one can imagine a time in the not-too-distant future when the olfactory system is recognized as one of the most important human senses. When that time comes, it is also easy to imagine the numerous ways in which women\'s lives could be improved, all thanks to those super sensitive noses.

Survey/Contest time!


Across the room, you spot the man or woman of your dreams. A perfect \'10\' who is everything you have ever wanted, and more.

Do you immediately make eye contact and smile, hopeful that he or she will find you just as attractive? Or do you suddenly develop the jitters and turn into someone who could - at that particular moment - barely manage to squeak out a coherent word?

Many of us have experienced shyness at one time or another. For some people, it\'s a matter of feeling shy in certain situations, yet completely outgoing in others. Shyness can be just a slight hesitation that is easily overcome; or, at the other end of the spectrum, shyness can be an almost insurmountable barrier that brings everything from sweaty palms to full-blown panic attacks.

This month, we want to know how you see yourself.


1. Imagine you have just walked into a party and don\'t recognize a soul. How would you feel and what would you do? (Please be as descriptive as possible!)

2. Do you typically:
a) Have a very wide circle of friends from all walks of life;
b) Have a few very close friends; or
c) Find it difficult to make friends and perhaps keep to yourself more than you should?

3. Do you ever feel that shyness has been a barrier in your life? How so, and to what extent?

4. Is shyness something that can be overcome? If so, how?


Send your answer to: <>
Please don\'t mail this entire newsletter back to us (for many reasons).
As usual, we will pick prize winners *at random* from the survey entries at
the rate of at least 1 per 50 entries, with a minimum of 2 winners each
month. Last time there were 2 winners and only 75 completed surveys, which gave entrants a 1 in 37 chance of winning!

Once again, send your completed survey to: <>

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User Corner

I have owned two types of men\'s pheromone colognes: Primal Instinct and Yes Pheromone. My friends and I have done our little \"studies\" with the both of them.

My friend was wearing Yes at school one day. He came to my house afterwards and told me that a young lady with a locker next to his was putting her books away. She stood up, looked at him with a deep smile, and immediately gave him a very tight hug that lasted about five seconds! He tried to hug her back, but she had wrapped her arms around his, and he couldn\'t move!!! He barely knew this girl! He had politely asked her what that was for, she said that she didn\'t know, and she couldn\'t help it!!!

I decided to give it a try with my girlfriend. I wore it to her parents house when they had some friends over. I walked into their house, and went upstairs to the living room. My girlfriend always hugs me, but her younger sister usually doesn\'t. They both had hugged me at the same time. After that, it was like they wanted to touch me. Her younger sister grabbed my arm and held onto it while I was talking to my girlfriend; which at the time kept putting her hands on my chest and holding my other arm!!! Now this, I think, is hilarious!!! I love pheromone colognes for this. My girlfriend\'s mother is a very mean, hard to impress kind of lady. She\'s attractive though. Well I went downstairs and said hi to her, and she gave me a hug. This is normal. She always gives me a hug. But what was so awesome about it was that she hugged tight, and longer than usual!!! She smelled my neck and complimented my choice in cologne. Now what I think is so awesome about this is that it seemed like I had an edge above her, like I caught her attention: Which is very hard to do, believe me.

I wore Primal Instinct to the same house at a different time. My girlfriend and her sister had a different response to Primal. Yes made them want to grab me and talk to me, but Primal made them almost look like they were in awe of me. The way they looked at me was like they were intrigued. Almost like they were waiting for me to speak. When their mother hugged me, she paused; almost like she was saying \"What is it about him, he\'s so manly,\" and she hugged for 20 SECONDS, NO KIDDING!!!!! I have no doubt that pheromones work, but each kind works in a different way.

Hope you enjoyed,


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