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    Default The Kivin Method

    I've been trying

    to get hold of some good instructions for performing the kivin method of oral sex. There used to be instructional

    videos that you could buy, but I can't find anywhere that sells them anymore!

    If anyone knows exactly how to

    perform it, or knows of a good guide somewere on the net could you please post the info/link here! I'd be very


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    I found this,


    In this technique, the man is lying perpendicular to the woman. He uses his tongue to stimulate his

    partner in a back and forth motion across the K points (on either side of the top and back of the


    here -

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    for finding the info... but its far less than I already know!

    Anyway, here

    is a current run down of my understanding of the technique...
    You lie

    perpendicular to the woman, and put a finger of one hand on the "C" point/perineum (this is the area of skin between

    the anus and the vagina). I think this is for feedback purposes!


    *guessed* the other hand is used to pull back the clitoral hood to expose the clitoris and I thought that you would

    lick across this points (The K -points). However, do you lick across the clitoral hood just above the clitoris, as

    i've heard one guy say, or the clitoris itself? I

    Anyway, I think the idea is

    that you can use the C point as your guide. If you are doing things right it will pulse. The stronger that pulse the

    better you are doing... which doesn't require any potential embarrassment by asking her to give you blow by blow

    feedback verbally! Anyway this feedback technique works for men too... go jack-off and feel your perineum, it starts

    to pulse. Fun huh!

    Anyway, there may still be things i'm mising and I may

    have got the wrong end of the stick slightly. I've been given a couple of links to books that include a good

    description "The big O" By Lou Padget and "
    Life's Too Short for Tantric Sex" by Kate

    Taylor. I might take the long bus journey out of the sticks into town to check them out later today.

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