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    Default A thought about transdermal uptake


    just got out of the shower, and I think I noticed a way that I was "nerfing" the power of the pheromones I have been

    wearing. A problem that is associated with just about all pheromone products is the fact that a certain amount of

    the pheromones applied to the skin are absorbed by the skin.

    Now I have been getting up in the morning taking

    a shower and as soon as I got out I would toss on my pheromones through on my clothes and go out in the world. I am

    sure I am not the only person who does this, but I think by putting on my pheromones directly after getting out of a

    hot shower (and drying off of course) I was actually encouraging transdermal uptake. After a hot shower or being hot

    in general opens up your pores, and washing (especially if you exfoliate) washes off dirt and grime that clog the

    nooks and crannys of the skins surface. These 2 facts combined made me think that it may be more wise to wait for a

    certain amount of time (haven't decided what would be appropriate yet) after getting a shower before applying

    pheromones. Maybe even to go as far as showering at night and putting on pheromones in the morning.

    I know this

    seems like a very minor way of addressing this common problem, but then again if you can keep an extra 2 or 3% of

    your pheromones from being absorbed then that is 2-3% less pheromone product you have to use to get the same effect

    (I actually have no idea how much if any this would help, nor have I thought of a way of testing this because I have

    absolutely no desire to take a skin sample from myself with pheromones applied at different times/ways and tossing

    it into a gas chromatograph).

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    Tib: Great observation. I think you

    are completely correct.

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    If it helps any i've been applyng

    my mones about 4 hours after I shower. It's been yielding good results

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    To be honest, that is when I

    prefer to put on my first application of pheromones. In fact, I am sure it is part of the process that helps me to

    scream pheromonically (which is what I like to do). So, what you are saying makes sense. The guys who want to

    practice the "less is more" approach, or minimize chance of buildup, should probably wait 30 minutes to an hour

    after they get out of the hot water.

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    well, you could do as i do. When

    im done washing myself, i turn the hot water off and let the cold water run for a while, then jump back into the

    shower and stand there for a while. Works dont "steam" when you get out of the shower and you dont

    start sweating immediatly..
    Btw. Am i the only person that cant post using firefox? I get a
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