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    Default extreme stank (vulgar)

    This story is

    hard to believe, but so interesting I have to post



    Here's the important stuff from it

    You're a homeless man in Nagoya camped out in the park

    adjacent to Nagoya Castle or one of the several public areas where dozens of vagrants have erected makeshift abodes

    made of blue plastic tarpaulins
    Certainly the last thing you'd ever expect would be to be awakened from a sound

    sleep by an attractive young female who has slipped into your shelter, opened the fly of your pants, and begun to

    provide relief in the form of hand jobs, or oral sex.
    Underground magazine Uramono Japan

    swears the story is true. Apparently some women are so turned on by male pheromones, they won't

    accept anything less than a full concentration, unadulterated by soap and water. Or perhaps they're fetishists for

    dirt, grime and ordure

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    Thats some of the craziest sh!t

    i've read in a LONG time! I may even be interested in being a bum in nagoya... then again I don't want to jack

    myself up with disease!

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    Yeah, that was bizarre,

    espeically for a site that appears like a news magazine. Japanese eroticism has produced some amazingly kinky

    stuff--stuff that actually confuses me. Chiro-chiro jupu jupu my world!
    "I'm just a dirty hornytoad" -Gegogi

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