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    Default Real human pheromone? Realm andro vs. andorstenone/nol

    I once read detailed literature on the Realm website describing a controlled test of various substances directly on the vomeronasal organ. Only one substance was shown to affect the male organ, and a different substance the female organ. The substance that affected the female organ began with andro- (long scientific name I can\'t remember), but was NOT androstenone or androstenol. In fact, I believe androstenone/nol were among the substances tested that had no affect on the female vomeronasal organ. I believe the \"Realm andro\" is patented and is contained in \"Realm for Women\". I don\'t know why everyone in this forum thinks the andro contained in \"Realm for Women\" is the same as the other products. According to detailed literature that was on the Realm website, they are different. In fact, I think androstenone/nol are the \"animal pheromones\" that Realm refers to. For some reason, I wasn\'t able to find this literature on the Realm site recently.

    Now, even though Realm claimed to have demonstrated that only their andro affected the vomeronasal organ, they presented no evidence that it affected human behavior. In fact, all the studies that claimed affects on human behavior used androstenone/nol! So, that\'s the dilemma I saw when I researched this question years ago. There was the Realm andro that has been shown to affect the vomeronasal organ (through EEG recordings) and then there\'s androstenone/nol that has been shown to affect human behavior (sexual attraction). I think I read somewhere that if androstenone/nol affected human behavior, they did so through another pathway, unrelated to the vomeronasal organ, therefore aren\'t true human pheromones. Of course, maybe people don\'t care how androstenone/nol works as long as they do. However, I\'ve heard too many claims of its affect on the vomeronasal organ when the only study that tested it directly got negative results.

    Has the literature changed since I last took a look?

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    Default Re: Real human pheromone? Realm andro vs. andorstenone/nol


    There have been many advances in the past few years, and many new researchers in the field (check the research area of this site for some GREAT references). We\'ve all read everything on the Realm site, and most of us have tried thier products, but you hit the nail on the head: at least for me personlly, I don\'t care what you classify Androstenone as (pheromone or \'alternative behavioral modifier\' - though if it unconsciously modifies human behavior - regardless of VNO activity - it\'s still technically a pheromone) - IT WORKS, and for the majority of us (back me up here, guys?) although their products smell nice, they don\'t pack nearly the whollop that Alter Ego, AFA or Primal do.

    BTW - Realm didn\'t get a patent for efficacy on those products, they just secured the use of a couple of compounds as fragrance additives - no biggie really [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Read Carefully!

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    Default Re: Real human pheromone? Realm andro vs. andorstenone/nol

    Thanks for the reply.

    I wasn\'t sure what Realm got the patent for. However, I thought they at least got exclusive use of the two substances they found to affect the male and female vomeronasal organ. That would be significant if these two substances worked better than androstenone/nol. Of course, most in this forum feel that the substances Realm didn\'t patent (androstenone/nol) are actually stronger aphrodesiacs.

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    Default Re: Real human pheromone? Realm andro vs. andorstenone/nol

    Well id say realm have put in the data they want to put in, leaving references to anything outside of their products, their products are sold on this site but alas i dont think concentrations are sold.

    A lot of these websites ( being one, put up a whole heap of BS or they confuse matters with sciencetific words which most people dont understand.

    I think they get a hold of NLP and use language manipulation hoping for a quick sale and then the customers have the product the company has their money and thats it.

    Do they provide a money back guareentee.

    Have you tried any of the products from this site. I have tried realm and it did nothing for me. As crusier said the higher concentration products are AE and andro 4.2 amoung others. Im probably not sounding to cohesive here, so someone else might want to way in. I know from experience and there are many many others here that the products here, the vast majority do work. Thats alll i need to know and about the VNO it could be other neuro pathways that are affected by it.

    Remember mainstream sciencetific communities still do not recongize pheromones ( a reference to the bible bealt and funding for projects here) comes to mind but they do have some effect on sexual attraction.

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