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    well I ordered my AE last friday evening and it was shipped out monday the 29th. I was hoping to get it for this weekend because I spent it w/ this girl I really like but I don\'t think she\'s interested in a relationship yet. I blame this anthrax scare for that (damn you anthrax!!!). but anyway...I should be getting my AE in monday hopefully and I was wondering what I should use for the dosage. I\'m a junior in high school and so naturally I\'ll be going for high school girls, so I wanted to know y\'alls opinions for dosage. I was thinking about going w/ 1 dab to start off but I wonder if it would be too weak so now I\'m considering 2 dabs. So what do y\'all think about dosage? I don\'t want to scare the girls off and I don\'t think I want a ton of girls wanting me either

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    3 or 4 dabs to begin with i think and if you got any NPA chuck some of that on as well. Has anyone tried those two together.

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    Oh i forgot to mention work up slowly up to 5 or 6 if that works out better or try different application areas and ratios to see if that makes a difference using one of the various tricks around.

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    The smell fades real quick to but the pheros stay so it still works for those that are worried about it they are high grade pheromone ingredients.

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