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    Default I didn't want to say it too soon but...I'M BACK!

    Hello everybody , it's been a WHILE since I last posted here. If you don't recall my

    existence or registered after I went MIA, here's an updated refresher:

    6'0" tall
    220 lbs
    Large muscular

    Asian (Korean specifically)
    20 years of age
    Very moody (everything depends on my

    Bad temper

    My former job was really getting to me and my interests in pheromones

    as well as other things were temporarily put on hold as I was trying to deal with it, and after I decided to quit, I

    laid in a pool of my own contemplation for weeks...however, I received a call from a soon-to-be employer today and

    was asked to come down for an interview and to get acquainted with my new job . And it's in the busiest

    mall in the area with plenty of direct contact with customers aka fresh targets...Don't worry, I will resume

    posting thorough reports once again.

    Just to set things off again...

    What -mones would be good to use for

    the interview? I already stated my stats, and the interviewer seems to be, from what I could tell, a Hispanic woman

    in her 30's. I currently own:

    Perception Gold Release
    Scent of Eros/scented
    Edge Essentials: Heat

    Beta version
    A bunch of gel packets of SOE/unscented/scented, Chikara, and TE
    About a dozen colognes (will name

    them if necessary)

    Glad to be back...

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    I would say SOE because it has

    nol which might help you. None, could be risky and might not be what you are looking for.

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    Welcome back!


    except -none, and in moderation with light scent so as not to irritate others.
    DrSmellThis (creator of P H E R O S)

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    If you like the scent, definitely

    Chikara. When I used it for the first few times, people were
    much friendlier and more chatty than usual!

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