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    Default mones on documents?

    i am a

    bartender in search of a better job. there is a great position open in a nightclub i must apply to tomorrow.

    i came up with a brilliant theory i'd like to try. from my experience jobs like this are very hard to get.

    usually u can get interviewed on the spot but sometimes they just take applications and hold them only to call back

    interesting candidates later. i know wearing perception the last week has made a big difference and has given me

    positive results. as for my theory i am unsure whether i will b interviewed tomorrow. if i do get interviewed all

    will be well wearing the mones as i can make a real good impression.
    my theory, can i spike the edge of

    my resume with some mones? in theory if my app just goes into a pile for later review and it has mones on my

    attached resume it should be found more striking compared to untainted apps. my question is i know perception is a

    timed 12 hour release. willl it work the same way when sprayed on paper or even a business card? will the mones

    still last the 12 hours or longer/shorter? i wouldn't spray directly as im sure it may leave some sort of mark so

    i was thinking of putting it on a less visible area.
    the other problem with the theory is i normally use

    2 sprays of perception with good results(neck and wrists). so if i take the chance of tainting my resume i was

    thinking of maybe wiping some mones off my wrist with my resume so i dont risk OD by carrying documents with extra

    mones on them. in theory this would be great cuz i would still benefit from the mones i wear if i get interviewed

    that day and if my app just goes into a pile for later review then it still has some mones to make it stand out a

    bit more.
    so my question is anybody have any clue how mones may be released off of paper?

    specifically Perception. also any insight on what the best approach may be. i know 2 sprays gave me great results

    this weekend but i havent experimented enough to really know what is best for me. judging on recent results 2 sprays

    works but i havent experimented enough to know if one spray is enough. it is kind of difficult considering the

    atomizers in the gold perception arent consistent with dosages. sometimes u get heftier spray other times smaller

    one as the top sticks a bit. i figure 1 1/2 -2 sprays is my range.
    i've been turned down for jobs

    in the past not because of my qualifications but becuz i am not a woman, my skin color, dont speak spanish fluant

    enough. i use to use primal few years back with limitied success and after joining the forum i understand why my

    life was so much more difficult those days it was the none- od . the best bar jobs are extremely hard to get

    especially for men. perception gives me a definate edge, i just dont want to risk losing a great job frmo mone od.

    if i understand correctly the paper should hold the mones much longer as paper doesn't sweat.

    well let me know your thoughts please.

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    I have actually spiked a

    stuffed toy with pheromones. I believe putting pheromones on paper would have a similar effect. But it would not

    make your resume's content seem any better. The effect I got with the stuffed toy was that girls didn't want to

    put it down. They also like my car, which I occasionally "grease" with APC. While my car looks a little sporty, it

    isn't much of a car. I keep it clean and in generally good condition, and it's painted a deep blue (supposedly a

    good color for cars but that is a long story). The only woman who insisted on NOT getting into my car was someone I

    dated last year. She had just bought an Altima with a custom sound system.

    I don't know why women like loud

    music in cars, unless it's because that way they can say whatever pleases them without having to worry about the

    guy trying to shout them down.

    About all I can do when the sound system is cranked up is smile and nod my head

    and occasionally laugh like someone said something funny. I get some STRANGE looks doing that, but then, I'm not

    the one who has to turn up the background noise....

    Anyway, I think you would be wasting your pheromones by

    putting them on a resume, unless you are sure the person receiving the resume is going to be inundated with them.

    MAYBE pheromones would help get the paper to the top of the pile. I wouldn't count on that.

    Let the resume

    speak for itself.

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    I'm considering a dash of SOE on

    my promotion proposal. The proposal is solid but a little extra edge may help.
    "I'm just a dirty hornytoad" -Gegogi

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    */standard answer on/#
    Do a

    */standard answer off/#

    There was a discussion on this a while back, and check the

    archives , there was a detailed discussion in there!!

    Sorry, I don't have time right

    now to find them for you.
    Freedom begins when you tell Mrs. Grundy to go fly a kite.
    --Lazarus Long

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    friendly- yeah i agree

    let the resume speak for itself. i was just wondering if it could help get it to the top of the pile. as long as i

    could get an interview all will b well. figured it would be an interesting test

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