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    Default Good results with PI(w)

    Hi everyone:

    well I have been trying PI(w) for a few days now and I have been getting interesting results:

    OK first off I must say that I am not useing it to get women into bed I am useing it in the business world and I am getting men who are more friendly to me and they want to listen to me, and yes the male bartenders will talk to me and serve me very quickly. So anyone who wants to use PI(w) in the business world should get it.

    However I meet some nice looking women tonight and will meet up with them tomorrow.

    Don\'t know much more to say but will report tomorrow we have Marti Gras where everyone is dressed up in costumes so I plan to OD tomorrow so will try to get some DIHL and see what happens


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    Default Re: Good results with PI(w)

    ok so we are getting some feedback from men using womens PI here, although it is mostly and nol product anyway, need to keep the feedback coming.

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    Default Re: Good results with PI(w)

    Hi..All PAL

    I was order PI(w) last week (not get it yet). How you guy think about if I mix it with my PI..? or it better if I use it alone or mix with something like NPA or AE or SPMO..??

    Have a good day [img]images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]


    PS. Now I used PI+AE = good smell ( I love it )

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