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    Default The right next level time


    I meet

    this lady more than 2 months ago, we sometimes go with other friend, quite often.
    she is favorite in the groups,

    but in my obeservations my chance are bigger than others (also from what I got the info from her close friend)

    communicate routine by phone and SMS.
    the problems is I am not yet sure if she is ready to go just 2 of us or

    not yet ( I try but 2 times she always try to invite other friends, but we still go with friends), and according to

    her friend she did not want to be too hurry in the relationship/commitment.
    what make me confuse she ever tell

    me that she maybe can be easily ge bored if the relationship is too long. (what I feel is she did not want long term

    dating, just after few month serious dating and then continued to married I guess)
    I want to go for next level

    (after going with friends and just phone & SMS, ETC) to just only going just 2 of us to know more better (we can say

    it is not with commitment yet), before we go to next level (with commitment)
    any suggestions how to handle this ?

    is there any suggestions how to use biorhythm chart so we can handle lady more better ? so we know if it is

    the right time to ask for next level at that date or not.


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    You have to seize an

    opportunity to get her to go somewhere with you alone. A short trip to a store, for example. Or just sitting and

    chatting alone together without actually going anywhere. Let her get used to the idea of spending time alone with

    you in a safe environment. If she is realy that resistant, you may lack the confidence you need to break down her

    barriers. The more you focus on getting her alone, the less likely you will be to succeed.

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