I'm putting together a concept site for a pheromone information directory. Basically, it

will be a repository and reference depot.

It works by warehousing links to relevant content such as

retailers, manufacturers, articles, and forums. ANYBODY can add links! The procedure is like

  • Navigate to the category where you want to add the link.
  • Select "Add URL"
  • Fill in

    the site information (URL, title, etc.)
  • Hit submit!

After you submit the link it must be

reviewed for content and quality. If it meets the guidelines than it is approved and added to the


There is NO PERSONAL information gathered from those that offer links.

Can a few people head

over there and help check the system? It's located at http://mesoimpact.com

Right now it is not

pretty and downright plain. In the future, there will be better graphics and lots more features. Might even be

looking for a few editors too!