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    Hello All,

    I am planning a new purchase of pheromones soon and I am looking to get an A-Nol product to use with Primal. I am thinking of getting Alter Ego. Is Alter Ego an oil based product like Primal ? Would these two products be good together ? Has anyone tried Alter Ego yet ? I havent seen any posts regarding its results.

    Thanks and best regards,
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    on its own it should give you great results.

    It is oil based and you should get a lot of usage out of it for a lenghty time as it last like forever and a day.

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    i use ae by its self and it works great

    i use it with pi and it also works great
    with pi i have girls stare in to space and want to know more about me like where are you from how long have you lived here
    it works great i have also had girls want to get physical with me when whering pi and ae
    just one dab or smaer of pi behind ears and 4 to 6 dabs of AE on forearms and readue that is on your hand to chest eara

    and be friendly it works

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